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Crushin' It: Adult Film Critic Patrick Parker selects his top scenes from June

Madison Wilde, Eve Sweet, Hime Marie, Penelope Woods among those recognized

By Patrick Parker / Contributor

Jul 2, 2024

I have the same thought every month: “This month’s porn was terrific!” But the fact is, it’s a great time to be a porn fan. The level of talent we’re seeing among new stars is staggering. Even better, so much of today's pornography is lovingly crafted by visionaries and artists who take pride in their work.

June had so many great moments to choose from, with new Gianna Dior scenes, the return of X-Art, and Addison Vodka’s fantastic romp with Lucas Frost. And it was a big month for Blake Blossom with the release of Wicked Pictures’ new film “Iris.”

Here are the scenes that crushed it in June. Stay tuned next month to see who’s crushing it in July.

Octavia Red and Seth Gamble for LucidFlix

Pornography, at its best, is a form of art. Yes, it's sexually explicit, but it can also be thoughtful, tasteful, and thought-provoking. And that seems to be the aim behind Seth Gamble’s artistically inspired LucidFlix project. 

It’s only natural that Gamble would cast Octavia Red in “Behind the Camera’s Eye.” A true sexual artist, Red is a woman who makes me believe in the vision and purpose of cultured pornography. 

The starkly contrasted shadows and dreamlike cinematography suit Red’s subtle performance perfectly. There’s something magical about how she moves and sways in unison with each thrust, and her transitions are as natural as elegant. Perhaps the best offering from LucidFlix to date.

Essie Gotback and Quinton James for Bellesa House

Chemistry lies at the heart of the greatest pornography, and Bellesa House consistently sets the stage for solid matchups, and this one is full of sexual tension!

Per her pre-scene interview, Essie has owned Quinton James’ dildo for some time, and since then, the two have become good friends. But they’ve never had a scene together, and in James’ words, they’ve never “properly had sex,” referring to one drunken stint that didn’t amount to much. 

Enter Bellesa House, where they set the stage for pornstars to enjoy sex however they like. No script, no formula. These two are brimming with excitement, and the sex is extraordinarily fun. This isn’t an ordinary work day. James and Gotback are fucking for the sheer joy of it, and it’s a wonderful thing to witness.

My favorite part is when they get completely carried away, and Quinton flips her around and whacks the camera with her hair. What sets these Bellesa films apart is that they keep the camera rolling so you can experience a real human moment. I mean, who hasn’t done something silly during sex? 

Essie enjoyed the Bellesa experience, and she came spectacularly. On working with Bellesa, she said, “They let us be ourselves for a very natural approach. Like the part where my hair got caught in the camera, it’s just fun, natural chemistry. I loved working for them.”

For lighthearted, beautiful, and wholesome pornography, look no further than Bellesa House 189!

Sirena Milano and Krisoff Cale for LetsDoeIt WhiteBoxxx

WhiteBoxxx is the art of pornographic minimalism. Little to no plot, a blank white room, and sensuality are the key ingredients for this beautiful brand of erotica. Eliminating all distractions directs the focus on the sexual performance itself. Nothing else matters. 

It opens with thirsty kissing and fingering, and Milano’s eye roll adds a lot of flavor to the action. And I respect Cale’s urgency to get her panties off. Then you can see a hint of excitement as he works four fingers inside, with Milano squeezing and tugging on his digits with a strong Kegel.

Kristoff Cale’s a rockstar too. Even while fucking, Cale pays close attention to Milano’s clit, and you can see the fruits of his labor with those erect nipples and glowing red chest. 

Perfectly paced, it builds into a nice hard fuck in a two-angle shot that highlights Milano’s joyful smile and tight pussy as she glides over Cale’s cock with grace.

Hime Marie, Penelope Woods, and Jules Jordan for Jules Jordan

Dressed in blue, glammed up, and gorgeous, Hime Marie and Penelope Woods are unreal in this hot summer threesome! 

This is one of the things that Jules Jordan does so well. You get two stunning women, doll them up with epic hair and makeup, and dress them in identical lingerie for a zero-plot gonzo fuckfest. Call it formulaic, but it’s consistently great.

Part of what makes these setups work is that it seems like the sort of scene Jules likes. Maybe the matching outfit threesome plays into some fetish of his. He is completely in his element, kissing, eating, and fucking these women like there is no tomorrow. 

Hime Marie is the height of seduction when she smiles back at the camera as she gets drilled doggystyle. And her gasp as Jordan starts to glide in and out of her ass is simply infectious.

I especially admire Penelope Woods’ oral fixation, taking every opportunity to lap up some  pussy, balls, or dick. She even performs some truly spectacular deep-throating, and the cum-swap at the end is delectable. 

Stacy Cruz and Charlie Dean for X-Art 

X-Art, one of my favorite adult sites, has returned from a years-long hiatus. They’ve returned to the classic formula that turned the Mom and Pop project into an industry-changing event in the 2010s. 

For their first properly pornographic scene, site runners Brigham and Colette Field chose the insatiable Stacy Cruz and longtime collaborator Charlie Dean for a delightful all-sex treat. You’ve got all the staples of classic X-Art: the romantic musical opening, a soft focus, and intense eye contact on the part of Ms. Cruz.

I’m fond of the passionate kissing and slow-paced fucking, and it's thrilling to see the pace pick up as Cruz experiences increasing waves of pleasure. You’ve got great spooning, with Stacy Cruz prominently featured in the foreground. And she lets loose with those trademark high-pitched moans. Keep the volume cranked because Cruz sounds great.

Madison Wilde’s Gangbang at Bang

You don’t see many gangbangs these days. I get it; with so much talent, it’s a big-ticket item, and the logistics of shooting and performing these spectacles are nothing short of insanity. But when it’s done right, gangbangs are incredible. So when I heard Madison Wilde was tackling a gangbang for Bang Adventures, I was all in! 

What a show! First, you’ve got a wonderful behind-the-scenes featurette that showcases her personality with a mini interview. Then you’ve got a little blowbang that flows seamlessly into the four-on-one gangbang. 

While I appreciate the thought put into the wardrobe, I love that the guys fully stripped her within the first few minutes. Nude is the right look. Wilde’s warm skin pops on screen, and there’s no denying how great that flowing black hair looks draped over her back. 

This gangbang features one of the coolest positions; I’m calling it the Spiderman blowjob. Wilde is held inverted as the gentlemen take turns face fucking her. And Wilde’s pussy is beautifully displayed as she’s munched on the whole time. It’s wildly creative and stunning.

I understand that some fans have a hard time settling into gangbangs. They can be quite a lot, often sporting ultra-hardcore actions like double-penetration or more. But this one’s an easy one for all fans to settle into, featuring tasteful pussy fucking with no shortage of body-shaking orgasms. It’s a delightful experience for fans of all levels. And it serves as a great introduction to Madison Wilde’s impressive pornographic abilities.

My June PornCrush: Eve Sweet

Eve Sweet is one of the most sensual beauties on the planet. Seeing her fuck Christian Clay and Avery Cristy in Vixen’s “The Au Pair” was a magical experience that made me an instant fan back in 2022. 

Seriously, the picture of her bouncing on Clay’s fat cock in reverse cowgirl and wearing that orange lingerie is permanently burned into my mind. Her short, straight hair, cute little nose, and flawless skin are enough to leave you in awe. And her perfect breasts carelessly bouncing in the sunlight are a vision of heaven on earth. We’re talking about Aria Giovanni's levels of perfection.

As good as she was then, she’s become an even stronger performer today. She’s as uniquely beautiful as she is sultry and sensual, Eve Sweet is a pornstar after my own heart.

And June was her month with big scenes across the Private and Vixen networks. She stunned in her Private debut in “Sensual Yoga Retreat 2,” playing upon fitness fantasies alongside Marica Chanelle and Haley Spades. 

Better yet, Sweet broke new ground with anal and big group-sex scenes in the second season of Hotel Vixen. Sweet showed she’s got real acting chops in these plot-heavy and dialog-laden scenes. 

I’m excited to see Eve Sweet popping up in more high-profile pornographies, and I have a feeling that this could be her breakout year. 

Patrick Parker / Contributor

Patrick Parker is an adult film columnist and reviewer. He has written about pornography for over a decade and remains a fan and supporter of quality porn.