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Crushin' It: Adult Film Critic Patrick Parker selects his top scenes from March

Kylie Rocket, Jade Maris, Melissa Stratton among the stars who turned heads

By Patrick Parker / Contributor

Apr 1, 2024

There is a wealth of talent in the porn industry today. From legendary hall-of-famers to noteworthy newcomers, visionary directors, and more, it’s a hell of a time to be a porn fan. March had me glued to the screen with incredible XXX moments to spare.

Here are the scenes that crushed it in March.

Hayley Davies and Zac Wild @ Bang

Bang! treated fans right with not one but two Hayley Davies films this month! My favorite was her Rammed showcase alongside Zac Wild. It’s easily the most gonzo of the two. Wearing only a leather choker and fishnet stockings, Davies highlights her brand of hardcore sex beautifully.

Stylized by bright lights and an oversaturated picture, it feels like something out of a dream. A bit of a throwback, the scene reminds me of some of the high-end pornos of the past. 

Tight shots of Davies’ brilliantly-lit body force the eye to gaze upon her most sexually enticing bits, especially that last close-up of her visibly wet pussy.

Zac Wild attacks with his usual gusto, ramming Davies in all manner of positions. It’s thrilling to see two sexual athletes at work. You get lots of titty fucking, too. If this scene gets you hooked on Davies, stay on the Bang! site and check out her romp with Vince Karter. Another high-level performance from one of the industry’s rising stars.

Hope Heaven and Martin Spell @ Vixen

OnlyFans superstar Hope Heaven makes her mainstream porn debut in Julia Grandi’s fuck-a-fan fantasy with Martin Spell. She’s an instant star, sporting a polished look and performing like a champion.

The storyline pays homage to her camming career, telling the tale of a streamer who wants to step up her fan engagement. Martin Spell is the lucky guy who gets the call, showing up for a scenic outdoor bang as only director Julia Grandi can arrange.

Hope Heaven is remarkable. She moves with such fluidity, throwing back her hair, arching, and flowing through myriad sex positions. Slow and sultry, she’ll keep you on your toes, ever-engaged with her passionate style of sex.

As I often proclaim, sex is supposed to be fun, and Hope exudes that value, riding and sucking Spell’s cock with a flawless smile and a joyful light in her eyes. The film sets up a storyline for additional scenes, which is good because I’m eager to see more of Heaven.

Jade Maris and Will Pounder @ NubileFilms Fantasy of the Month

NubileFilms brought back newcomer Jade Maris for a jaw-dropper. Every little detail is on point in this romantic, all-sex vignette. Styling, hair, shadows, and even that soft focus showing a delightful neighborhood street in the background.

Maris’ seething sexuality is enough to make my sometimes-jaded heart go pitter-patter. Her pornographic performance is nothing short of miraculous. She’s got it all. The big smiles, a great attitude, and the subtlest of moans. 

Even Will Pounder can’t resist! Maris’ sensual blowjob forces him to cum within the first 10 minutes. He even sounds surprised, questioning “I’m going to cum?” before he pops a sizable load across her coy smile.

But it doesn’t end there. Pounder drops down and eats her pussy, which is a work of art, and quickly gets hard for round two. Maris experiences a series of magical orgasms as she fucks his cock to a second and even bigger cumshot—one which splatters everything from the top of her pussy up to her perfect smile. 

Kylie Rocket and Anton Harden @ Jules Jordan

First off, let's acknowledge how stunning Kylie looks with that slicked-back hair and those epic wing lashes. The hair and makeup were indeed on point, and it adds so much to Rocket’s opening tease.

Then you’ve got great oral, starting with Harden’s thirsty tongue-fucking. Wow! But Rocket is a blowjob artist, blending lusty face fucks, deep throats, and goonette-eyes for a crowd-pleasing opening act.

Once Anton starts pounding Rocket in doggie, the show is on. I love how his giant cock is too big to fit all the way in at first. But after a few minutes of magnificent thrusting, Kylie’s body transforms into her ultimate sexy form. Her chest glows crimson red, those perky nipples tighten, and her clit proudly stands up in all its glory. Then she opens up and takes the whole package. It’s truly something to see.

But the real magic is Kylie’s chemistry with Harden. Her eye-contact, smiles and moans are legendary, and I love the way she occasionally glances into the camera, seemingly inviting the viewer into her world. There’s even one moment where they break character, laughing and sharing a moment amidst a particularly intense cowgirl bang.

It’s an energetic scene and a delight for hardcore lovers.

Rissa May and Quinton James @ NubileFilms

Rissamy PornCrush of the Month in February—makes her third NubileFilms appearance alongside James in “Game, Set Match.” The film revolves around a tennis lesson gone astray. James plays the role of boyfriend and coach, taking a very hands-on approach.

I love this performance for James’ slow cunnilingus with great eye contact, and the filmmakers set up an awesome angle that showcases May’s marvelous muff. Gaping isn’t the right word for it, but the shot highlights her open lips along with her famously-shaped clitoral hood. Oh-la-la!

Then there are the subtleties of the performance, as Rissa breaks out her charm with big smiles, sighs, and some naughty lip biting. 

Merida Sat, Christian Clay and Alberto Blanco @ Private

Nobody does hardcore European porn quite like Private. After a spectacular threesome with Athena Fleurs, Private brought anal queen Merida Sat back for a proper DP and creampie.

It’s all-sex and nothing but edge-of-your-seat excitement, starting with Sat’s captivating double-blowjob. She pulls the viewer into the scene with her unwavering eye contact, staring right into the camera and looking increasingly desperate and thirsty as she sucks Blanco’s stiffy Clay eventually quells the rising tension by penetrating Merida, causing her to exhale a sigh and a kindhearted smile.

The camerawork is dynamic but ever keen on those low angles that highlight Merida’s twisted positioning. You get great views of all the anal penetration, and the lighting perfectly highlights her soft and heavy breasts. 

She’s reminiscent of Alexis Texas in both look and energy, always holding a face of sensory overload and elegance as her blonde locks bounce in the background. Merida Sat is an unexpected delight!

Mellisa Stratton and Chad Alva @ Bellesa

You could not ask for a better couple in a Blind Date scene. Let me explain the concept: Two stars are interviewed on the other side of a screen. They can’t see each other, and because of voice distortion, they can’t hear each other’s natural voices. It’s a true blind date. When the screen comes down, they are free to have sex any way they please. Completely unscripted.

I love the concept because it humanizes our beloved pornstars. We get to know them for who they are, and due to the unscripted nature of the scenes, you get an authentic peak into their sexual preferences.

Excitingly, Chad Alva and Melissa Stratton have never worked together, so it’s their first time together. On top of that, Stratton had never done a Blind Date scene, making the whole conversation delightfully awkward. It’s such a real moment, and I feel like I got to know the real Chad and Melissa, who are adorable.

They then channel that energy into incredible sexual tension, exploring doggy, missionary, spooning, and more. All the while making intense eye contact and casually discussing favorite positions and acts. Stratton cums hard and often, looking spectacular as always. She’s a class act.

Marina Valmont and Briana Moon @ Slayed

Maybe I’m fanboying a bit, but Marina Valmont—one of my favorite Naked News anchors—is doing mainstream porn. And she is phenomenal!

Paired with big-titted Briana Moon, Valmont eats her alive, and who wouldn’t? Moon’s got a body that screams sex, and Valmont will not let this opportunity go to waste. Sucking on her Gabbie Carter-esque nipples, swallowing Moon’s ample clit, and licking her ass with wanton abandon, Valmont is on the attack. 

You’ve got all the girl-girl hits, including scissoring, foot play, and lovingly-played 69ing. All the while, they make time for delicate kissing and romance between each position. Eventually, it comes to an end with a pair of intense Hitachi vibrator orgasms that will leave you smiling.

My March Porn Crush: Jade Maris

Porn newcomer Jade Maris is captivating! A walking contradiction, she has a girl-next-door smile and a sweet persona to match. But don’t let that fool you; there are layers of sexuality buried behind those piercing green eyes and rockstar tattoos. 

She first came to my attention last November in her thrilling NubileFilms threesome with Hailey Rose and Quinton James—but she truly captured my heart with her Fantasy of the Month on March 1st. She dominated in two more stunning scenes for NubileFilms this month and was featured in her eighth Nubiles-Porn release, a threesome starring Liz Jordan.

Jade’s journey thus far has been a joy to witness. A talented performer from the start, her scenes keep getting better and better. Highly sexual and comfortable on screen, she has quickly mastered the art of artcore pornography. While I love her work with Nubiles, I’m eager to see how Maris inspires greatness in more studios. Keep your eye on her this year.

Patrick Parker / Contributor

Patrick Parker is an adult film columnist and reviewer. He has written about pornography for over a decade and remains a fan and supporter of quality porn.