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Crushin' It: Adult Film Critic Patrick Parker selects his top scenes from May

Scarlett Alexis, Chanel Camryn, Hailey Rose among those recognized

By Patrick Parker / Contributor

Jun 3, 2024

Fifteen-plus years into this industry, and I’m still floored by the beauty and creativity that pornographic artists are capable of expressing. May was a hot month with epic performances by Blake Blossom, Scarlett Alexis, and many more. 

Here are my favorite scenes of the month. 

Scarlett Alexis and Codey Steele for EroticaX

Scarlett Alexis is one of my favorites, and I’m always eager to see what she does next. When I heard she was making her EroticaX debut in May, my ears perked up. I love the romantic and artsy feel of the EroticaX brand, and Scarlett sparkles in these sensual pieces. 

The messaging is great, too. It starts with a typical porno setup: a horny Scarlett has been living with Codey Steele for six months, but all of her flirtations are ignored. What gets Codey going? It’s simple: he likes her for who she is, not the sexpot that she’s trying to portray. It’s a beautiful sentiment and a perfect setup for a romantic sex scene.

Even the sex is sweet. From the start, Codey gently holds Alexis’ hand as he gently eats her out. That gentleness is palpable as the scene progresses. There’s a beautiful pacing to each sex act, always with deep eye contact and kissing. It’s more lovemaking than porno, and I’m here for it!

Sirena Milano and Kama Oxi for Angels.Love

Kama Oxi has consistently been the brightest star of Angels.Love. This month, she’s paired with Sirena Milano, a buzzworthy beauty who has already been nominated for AVN’s Hottest Newcomer fan award. 

Their threesome with an unnamed male talent is phenomenal and portrays great oral sex and kissing. It gets terrific about 30 minutes deep when Oxi takes a run at double-oral, licking the male talent’s shaft while putting in some intense work on Milano’s clit. 

Oxi’s oral game is on point, rocking gentle lip pressure while tonguing the clit. Then she dives in for deep tonguing, eventually loading up on girl cum and drizzling it back atop Milano’s clit. Take notes, fellow pussy lickers!

Hailey Rose and Van Wylde for HardX

I think the world of Hailey Rose and her joyful brand of pornography, and it’s a real treat to see her in one of HardX’s beautiful all-sexers. 

“Busty and Bangin” opens with a little strip tease and a touch of self-titty-sucking that is sure to pique your interest. Next comes Rose’s deepthroat blowjob, which is a sight to see. She drives from her core, putting her full body into motion. The result is a powerful, balls-deep drop coupled with those epic tits rocking below. 

“Bangin” is unapologetically a boob show. You’ve got titty-fucking, nipple-sucking, and even a moment where Rose just about knocks out Van Wylde with a boob smack to the face. And it’s amazing to see how her nipples tighten through orgasm. She even goes for that cross-eyed “goonette stare.” It’s a lot of fun and a great showing by Hailey Rose.

Chanel Camryn and Zac Wild for Bang: Rammed

Chanel Camryn continues to shine as one of the most exciting performers to hit the porn world in recent years, and this may be her best yet. She is unhinged, unbelievable, and hardcore as ever in this month’s Rammed release.

Zac Wild’s entrance is great. He simply walks into the frame with his dick out, and Chanel is instantly deep-throating and being face fucked. Wow, that escalated quickly!

Camryn and Wild are the perfect pairing. A small-framed orgasm queen, she becomes both muse and canvas for Wild’s unyielding sexual artistry. He effortlessly lifts and contorts her into every position in the book, relentlessly fucking throughout. Chanel’s body lights up brighter with each successive orgasm. By the end, she’s cum-drunk and covered in sweat. What a workout!

Kenzie Taylor and Isiah Maxwell for New Sensations

Kenzie Taylor is so good at creating intriguing high-energy porn. I truly realized this when I saw her fuck Mick Blue for Bang: Rammed – a powerful scene, if ever there was one. She is just as thrilling in her sultry romp with Isiah Maxwell at New Sensations. 

It’s an unusual scene for New Sensations. Known for its brightly lit and glitzy porn, the studio takes a page from Vixen’s RAW brand with an intentionally underlit and amateur look that fits the gonzo nature of the show.

Maxwell is the personification of lust with the wildest pussy eating of his career. He attacks her juicy lips with hunger, and it is stunning. You’ve got great hard-fucking with plenty of breaks for oral and deep-throating, too! It’s also cool to see Taylor’s juices glimmering on Maxwell’s big shaft with each outstroke. Then you’ve got intense orgasms when he pounds her at an extreme angle in a standing doggy side straddle hybrid. It’s crazy!

My favorite bit is just before the cumshot. Isiah’s fucking Taylor with her back on the bed, slightly titled to the camera. She’s got her head cocked back, emoting the most intense pleasure, and you’ve got those amazing tits rocking back and forth. My only complaint is that it doesn’t go on all day. This one’s a banger!

Octavia Red, Scarlett Alexis and Parker Ambrose for NubileFilms

Part of a Memorial Day series, NubileFilms allows us to see Octavia Red and Scarlett Alexis together for the first time. They are paired with rising male talent Parker Ambrose in a patriotic photoshoot-turned-threesome.

Memorial Day Menage A Trois is full of tease, taking time to develop its full sensual potential. From blatant sexual tension to intense kissing, I love how Red and Alexis remain fully clothed even throughout the first blowjob. That kind of pacing can drive a fan wild, begging for more.

A whopping 13 minutes in, Ambrose’s look of wonder sums up every fan's sense of amazement and anticipation when Alexis finally unveils her bare breasts. And I have no idea how she does it, but Octavia Red’s boobs pop out on their own the minute she starts licking Alexis’ perky nips. It’s like a boobie erection – crazy!

Ambrose fucks at a gentle pace, and the camera lingers on that subtle pussy-flex with each stroke. You get to admire how these beautiful women are built while acknowledging the differences in their respective techniques and styles. And it’s nice to see a “girl’s finishing the job” cumshot with Alexis wanking him to a nice finish against the backdrop of Octavia Red’s nude body.

Jessica Ryan and John Strong for Bellesa

Jacky St. James’ Bellesa Blind Date series is so good, and Jessica Ryan took it to a new level. From the pre-sex interview, you get a feel for the real John Strong and Jessica Ryan, humanizing them in a way that porn rarely does. That's not to say it’s not sexy, as it was indeed exciting to learn that Ryan doesn’t just enjoy watching porn, but she gets off to seeing her own scenes. That’s wild and very cool. 

The live nature of the concept leads to these genuine moments, like when Jessica had too much lipstick on, and John looked like Heath Ledgers’ Joker before they wiped it off.

In the interview, Ryan notes how easily she cums, and you can see how quickly she builds up an orgasmic state with that first bit of oral sex. It’s incredible to see her face light up as Strong edges her closer and closer in just the first few minutes. 

When he bends her into doggystyle, it is simply blissful. Jessica looks so good against those white sheets, and Strong glides into her pussy so smoothly. And props to the cameraman for that circling shot, giving sweeping views of the action. 

There’s a lot of tenderness in this one, too. My favorite moment has got to be the mid-scene spooning. Jessica is rolled on her side, facing the camera, and Strong enters her from behind. He gently cradles her body as Jessica hugs his arms, their heads pressed against each other. It’s so sweet and loving. 

Strong and Ryan shared vivid chemistry, which made this scene a standout case. According to Ms. Ryan, “It’s hard to have labeled this day as ‘work’ because you got a very raw (version of) me fucking someone I have happily fucked off camera. I am grateful to have experienced Bellesa’s Blind Date firsthand.”

My PornCrush of the Month: Hailey Rose

Hailey Rose has captivated my eye all year long. She’s an incredible performer from the swinger scene with a stunning and unique look. If you’re not into her porn yet, then consider this a call to action.

She’s married to Max Fills, and I love their open and wildly sexual relationship. Their mutual love of sex shines through in all that they do, whether that be fucking each other, others, or simply watching. They live their passion, and it's a beautiful thing to see. 

Hailey Rose killed it in her HardX debut with Van Wylde. I also must highlight her latest Brazzers scene, a threesome with Max Fills and Keiran Lee. She fucks with fury and takes an incredible double facial. It’s crazy to think that was only the second professional scene the sexy couple had ever shot. She also did an awesome double BJ in an ultra-hardcore threesome for Evil Angel, along with Hollywood Cash and Jonni Darko.

As an avid sex nerd and a diehard porn fan, I can tell you that Hailey Rose is a breath of fresh air. I’m always happy to see her scenes, and I love her sweet and fun interactions with her fans on X. She’s a class act.

Patrick Parker / Contributor

Patrick Parker is an adult film columnist and reviewer. He has written about pornography for over a decade and remains a fan and supporter of quality porn.