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Fresh as a Daisy: Just three months into her career, newcomer Daisy Fuentes already creating a buzz

Kimmy Granger protege dazzles high-level studios with passionate performance style, professionalism

By Jim Steele / Contributor

May 13, 2024

I always enjoy talking with up-and-comers as well as those who have been around for 10, 15, or

20-plus years. So, when I got a call on a Friday morning from Austin King at PornCrush to

interview Daisy Fuentes, who is relatively new to the industry but making big waves, I jumped at

the chance. After DMing her to set things up, we traded phone numbers, emails, etc. At

first, Daisy would be busy for a few days. Okay, no problem.I went ahead and made some quick notes, saved them, and went on about my business. Then a couple of hours later, she texted me and said, "Hey, I could be available later tonight if you want?"

We quickly set up a time after her shoot, and I put "Daisy Fuentes, 8 pm PST" on my calendar.

Here's a little of what we talked about...

Jim: Hi, Daisy. Nice talking with you and the way I like to do it is as if we’re just sitting on a park bench having a cup of coffee. That's it, so nothing to be scared of. 

Daisy: Hey Jim, okay. I really enjoy interviews; I like answering questions and coming up with responses on the spot. It's cool when people ask stuff that makes you dig deep. I'm all about that.

Jim: Okay, so let me ask you this. When was the moment that you decided to enter the adult industry? And what was your main reason for doing so?

Daisy: I find it funny because there are quite a few reasons. I've always been, you know, curious about the adult entertainment industry. Started modeling at 18, did some car show gigs, got into a couple of magazines, and built a fan base. People would often joke, "Just do porn already." It was always there, you know? Then, recently, at the end of 2023, I was getting out of this really toxic relationship. I'd been wanting to do porn for the longest time, and I'd told this person about it, but they were totally against it. We had this huge fight, and I just blurted out, "I'm going to do porn and sleep with every hot guy out there, and you're gonna fucking watch it." It was like my form of revenge. We're actually friends now, but that moment of defiance was really what pushed me to dive in finally. It lit a fire under me to go for it.

Jim: So, you did modeling and all that, which is a good way to get introduced to and ready for the industry. Did you ever have a vanilla-looking day job?

Daisy: Oh, I was a Hooters bartender, so I would do, like, service work like at different restaurants. Because I also worked at Tilted Kilt. But Hooters was probably my main thing. That's where a lot of fans would come to see me. I had a lot of fun there.

Jim: At what age did you start doing that?

Daisy: So, it was almost straight out of high school, you know? I didn't have a clear plan for my future. I was always kinda into the idea of acting but didn't know how to start. I was super shy back then; it took me like three months to even agree to do a simple photo shoot. That's how new to all this I was. It took those three months for me to muster the courage and be like, “Alright, let's do this.” After my first shoot, things took off, and that was during the Myspace days. Yeah, that's how long ago it was. I sort of went viral, and then photographers started reaching out. That's how I got into modeling and car shows. I was featured in Super Street magazine and Import Tuner, back when magazines were a big deal. I even ended up on skateboards for Skate Mafia, which were sold internationally. So, I kinda built up a nice fan base just on that stuff. It's been quite the journey from modeling to transitioning into adult films, even changing my name for the porn industry. So yeah, that's my story.

Jim: Earlier today, I was checking out Instagram and then took a look at your OnlyFans. When did you start dipping your toes into that?

Daisy shared how OnlyFans became a pivotal point in her professional life. Initially embarking on the platform with solo and then boy/girl content, she maintained a low profile due to her initial shyness. But her presence on the platform marked the beginning of a transformative era for her.

"I was kinda shy about it," Daisy admits, reflecting on her initial foray into content creation that pushed boundaries beyond her comfort zone. However, her venture into OnlyFans was not just a leap of faith but a strategic move that paid off. She noticed that her content was selling and thought, "Wow, this is working for me!" So even before breaking into the industry by doing scenes, Daisy was realizing the potential OnlyFans held for her career.

But OnlyFans is also a story of personal growth and empowerment. Once reserved, she has since embraced a more open and confident persona, thanks in part to the positive reinforcement and success she encountered on the platform.

Moreover, Daisy's experience sheds light on the broader implications of platforms like OnlyFans in empowering creators, particularly in the adult entertainment industry, to take control of their careers and defining their paths according to their own terms.

"And, well, I just enjoy sex in general. And recording it is my thing. It's my kink," Daisy candidly shared, highlighting how her personal interests align with her professional endeavors, something that has undoubtedly contributed to her success.

Jim: So, you would have had a pretty, like you mentioned, a pretty strong following already behind you before you ever shot your "first scene." Right?

Daisy: Oh, totally. So, when I'm doing these shoots or scenes, especially the pretty girls, everyone's usually like, "Wow, you really know how to strike a pose." And I'm like, "Well, I've got some modeling background." But then they'll say, "Yeah, but you don't get it—so many actresses don't know how to pose like you do." It's kinda funny, actually.

Jim: Yeah. The girls who have modeling experience do that so much better. And that's something you just don't learn overnight.

Daisy: And it's just so natural by now. For me, I just love posing and modeling. It's like acting in a way that takes me to a different version of myself. It's a place where I can escape and just create because I'm actually very, very introverted. I'm very kind of ... I don't even want to say antisocial. But I tend to keep to myself. Unless a good conversation comes along. And then I can sit there and talk for hours. But other than that, I don't like to be bothered. It's funny.

Jim: No worries. Almost everyone I know is a little bit antisocial. I get it. I'll sit in my room all day. I don't feel the need to go anywhere.

Daisy: Um, exactly. I'm like a homebody.

Jim: So let me ask you this. If you've. You already had some experience and sort of knew what to expect, but when did you shoot your first scene? Was it in early 24 or late 23?

Daisy: It was early this year in 2024, like around February, just after the AVNs.

Jim: Okay. So, when you decided to do it, did you do it on your own, or did you immediately sign up with Invision or look around for another agency?

Daisy: Do you know of Kimmy Granger?

Jim: Absolutely. She's amazing! 

Daisy: Okay, so we have a mutual friend, and remember I mentioned that skateboard company? So, the owner of that is who linked Kimmy and me together. I love her as an actress. She's beautiful. But yes, she knows Tiffany from Invision Models and she made some calls and hooked me up with her. And ever since then, I've been just in really good hands.

Jim: Okay, so she put you in touch with them, and you've never really self-booked or anything like that, right?

Daisy: No, I never self-booked. I didn't want to run the risk of get taken advantage of. And since Invision Models is all females, they've just been so lovely and very understanding of things. So, it's been nice.

Jim: I'm gonna skip a couple of questions, then I'll fall back because now we're talking about Invision. And I got turned on to Invision a month or so ago. And then I noticed you. So, I thought that was an interesting thing. You're a newer talent, and they are also a newer, female-owned agency. 

So, I'm curious. What makes that such a great fit for you? How is having a female agent different? Educate me.

Daisy: First off, I've heard some real horror stories about male managers. It's like if a girl isn't up for something, they just don't get it. Like, if she's having her period, they're just not sympathetic. It's like they're saying, "We don't want to hear about it." You know what I mean? But with female managers, it's a whole different vibe. They're so much more nurturing. If you're having a bad day or your mental health isn't great, and you say, "Hey, I'm really not feeling myself today. I need some time," they totally get it. They don't punish you or take you off the roster or anything. They actually check in on you, ask if you need anything. And I really, really love that. I think that, for me anyway, it would be a different story with male managers.

Jim: It's great that you're feeling so comfortable with Invision Models, and you've got some background, where this is not a complete culture shock to you. But let's say, since February, what's the number one thing that surprised you about the business? For the worst? As in, "Whoa, I didn't expect that!" And it doesn't have to be bad. Just a surprise like, "Wow, I didn't know about that, or I didn't expect that."

Daisy: I guess it would be ... just the long days of shooting. You think it should go quicker, but it's a big process. You'll be fucking, and then it's like, "Stop, we gotta take stills for this, or we're gonna switch up." So, it's like it takes you out of the sex mood, but you have to keep that flow going. That is the only thing I can say is I didn't expect so much stop and go and waiting. It's a lot of work. 

Jim: Yeah, I hear ya. And if you're used to shooting your own solo content, which goes at your own pace, it's different. But now, all of a sudden, you're dealing with all these different people, right?

Daisy: It's different but in a good way. I just had my first girl/girl/girl today. I started with the boy/girl, and then they introduced me to the girl/girl. I love girls, and it shows. I've already noticed some girls you can tell are not into each other. The girls that I shot with today are well established in the industry, and they were saying, "Oh, you're going to do amazing, you've got this!" To me, that is so special because I'm just meeting these girls for the first time, and they have so many positive things to say about my performance. People were very encouraging.

Jim: That's great. So, besides the good vibes from today, what's another thing that has been really positive in your journey so far that you didn't expect?

Daisy: So, I've been thinking about how well I'm doing and the feedback from my agents. They're like, "Everyone loves you. You have no idea. We're building you up." And I'm like, "I don't see it yet, but it feels like a wave, like everything's manifesting." I'm really looking forward to the next AVNs and other shows. For years, I've imagined myself winning awards for what I do. I wasn't sure how I'd get there, but now it's happening, and it's kinda funny to me. There's a lot of hype around it, and although I wouldn't exactly say fame, when I'm out in public and people look at me, I wonder if they recognize me. It's a lot of fun and a little bit kinky.

"You've hit on something there," I remarked during my conversation with Daisy, and that is that “Models do it differently, and they know how to work with a camera.” When I first saw Daisy, I was taken aback. It was like discovering a hidden gem. Here is this incredibly beautiful girl who exudes a natural elegance. She's not just another model; she's someone who could easily be the girl next door yet has the potential to be a superstar.

What sets Daisy Fuentes apart is not just her physical beauty, but the effortless grace she brings to her work. You look at her work, whether it's in photos or on the screen, and it seems so easy, so natural. That's a rare quality. It's clear she's working hard, but she makes it look like she's not working at all.

In an era where authenticity and relatability are increasingly valued, Daisy's presence is a refreshing change. She's not all skin and bones, and she's not covered in tattoos. She's a very natural looking woman.

As Daisy continues to ascend in her career, the excitement around her grows. Her ability to connect with the camera and captivate audiences is undeniable. Daisy stands out as someone who does it differently—someone who could easily become the industry's next superstar.

Daisy: I also eventually want to direct. I do photography as well. I feel like I do have a good eye. And when it comes to scenes, I always have some kind of input, "Hey, what about this idea?" And a lot of the times, they're good ideas, and they'll be like, "Oh yeah, that works really well!" I eventually want to get behind the camera, too. It's just all very interesting to me.

Jim: You're an easy interview because you're just rolling through my notes, right?

Daisy: Haha! Like I said, I love interviews. You can't get me to shut the fuck up.

Jim: You talk about directing, and we'll certainly keep an eye for when that time comes, but aside from that, what would be your main goals in the next six months to one year? The five years? What are you looking to do? What are your thoughts?

Daisy: Well, I'm not young anymore but I'm going to take this as far as I can. I'm 35 and I'm a mommy. I have a six-year-old daughter at home, so I juggle mom life with my job. And my daughter was born with a heart condition and has had four heart surgeries. She's actually on the heart transplant list right now. So, I have a lot of stress in my everyday life just taking care of my daughter. She's also autistic, but in the best way. But I have a lot of struggles with that. I don't have a normal mom life. After she was born, I was in the hospital with her for a long time, so it's been a journey for me. So, for me, right now, you take this industry and it's just totally my escape from what I'm what I go through in general with my personal life.

Jim: So, it's a breath of fresh air. Is there a part of you that feels like the more you get into it, that those feelings could change, or do you already know or feel like it's going to be okay?

Daisy: No, I know it's going to be okay. I feel I'm exactly where I need to be. I just feel like I'm being guided into the porn industry because there's something I think I can contribute. Sex is weird but it’s beautiful. There are some things that I watch, and I'm like, "Where's the passion? Where's the where's that sexiness and it's missing when you go straight to the sex. And that's something I wanted to bring back. So, I definitely felt called to the industry. And then I also have my own kinks and weird shit, but I'm saving that for a little further down the line, when I start writing and doing my own stuff. So, not too much on that right now, okay? 

Jim: Fair enough, I won’t ask you about that, but just in the last couple of months, you've had New Sensations, Amateur Allure, Adult Time was today, and then ... 

Daisy: I've got Team Skeet next week.

Jim: I also had a note from Babewatch for Badoink Official. It was a VR shoot with Tommy Gunn.

Daisy: Oh yes, that was very sexy as well. I really enjoyed that scene, and ... who else? I shot for Inserted.com with Charles Dera. He was amazing and had all the vibes. I fucking love every single male talent so far. They're all different but it's just amazing how we can all just turn off our real lives and turn onto this. We all have this awesome sexual energy. So it's really cool and very interesting to see all the different talents and the energies that they bring.

Jim: So out of all of that, and you mentioned you did your first girl/girl/girl today, is there one favorite genre or kind of style that you like?

Daisy: I'm really liking the threesomes. Like two girls or two girls and a guy. I haven't had two guys and a girl yet, or a DP with two guys in me. I haven't gone that far but I'm sure I will because I would love that. But the threesome thing, at first, I was a little nervous. But my first threesome scene was with Vince Karter and Anna Claire Clouds. Both are amazing performers. 

Then there was Seth Gamble and Lucid Flix and that was a very big day. I was actually on my period that day. So, I'm telling you, I got jumped right into this stuff and I had to learn that if you're on, it's not a big deal, we can work around it and I went through it that day. But it was like, "Dude, this is a big scene, I'm not gonna miss out!"

Jim: That's funny because, as a guy, I know that it's possible, but I'm thinking, "Well, how do you move on from that?" But it's okay, you take your time, you work through it. And moving on from that, if you could pick a couple of studios or 1 or 2 performers who you’ve worked with already, or maybe you have not worked with and would be on your wish list. What would that look like?

Daisy: I don't know anyone on my wish list. I don't sit there like, "Oh, I want to fuck this one." My thing is that whoever I am presented with, I take it as that's what the universe wants me to, you know who? So, I don't go looking for anyone in particular. But like I said, so far, everyone has been amazing, and I love it. As far as studios are concerned, I love New Sensations. They've been freaking amazing. 

Daisy: But I really love Charles Dera. He's super fun. In some photos, he looks all mean and what not, but he's such a teddy bear when you really get to know him. Like, I talk with him, and his eyes tear up with stories when I talk, and I'm like, "This guy has such a big heart, but he doesn't look like it." And I met his wife. The people that are married in the industry, I'm fascinated by it. Fucking fascinated. I always sit there and pick their brains, like, "How do you how do you make this work?"

Jim: It's a select few that are able to make it work.

Daisy: Right? I don't think I can date anyone in the industry at all.

Jim: Why not?

Daisy: I don't ... I don't want to be known as that. Like, "Oh, she's dating, so and so." I want to be focused on my work. And besides that, I didn't even come into this for relationships. I got into this because I was done with relationships, and I was just like, "I want to get my kink and get paid to doing it because I'm tired of getting hurt by these guys." So, yeah, that was my thing. I also promised my daughter I was like; I won't ever get into a relationship with a guy again. And it's been working for me. My bank account is going up so, lol. It's all good.

Jim: Being single has a funny way of doing that.

Daisy: Yeah, and I don't have sex unless I'm on camera. I want to save that energy for my scenes.

Jim: What are some other neat little facts about you? Little hobbies you have or things we don't know about you?

Daisy: Candle making is one of my things because it's like aromatherapy. It heals people and makes people happy. 

Diving into the behind-the-scenes of a performer’s life is always a journey, and it was no different when finding out how Daisy stumbled into candle making. Picture this: while pregnant with her daughter, she found myself deep in prayer and meditation, asking the universe, "How can I make money from the comfort of my home?" Believe it or not, "candle making" echoed back. Intrigued, she dove headfirst into a candle-making class, and it felt eerily like rekindling a hobby from another lifetime. For Daisy, everything just clicked so naturally.

This newfound passion blossomed into her own candle business, Nova Sage, lovingly named after Daisy's daughter who sparks inspiration in every aspect of her life. Daisy said, "She is my inspiration, my reason for everything." 

Daisy continued, "And that's why I felt so good to be teaching her. She's at that age where she's interested in candles plus arts and crafts. She loves this stuff. So, I want her to have that and teach her kids, like a tradition that my kids can just keep going, you know?"

Daisy: And I also like to garden. I love flowers. And then, like I said, I'm a photographer, so that's a big interest. I really enjoy nature, animals, and flowers. I kinda feel like there's this silent connection, like its own language, you know? But tuning into it wasn't easy for me. I did manage to snap some really insane shots of animals at the zoo, though. But I totally love being around plants and flowers, digging in, not exactly mud, but you get the picture. It's therapeutic for me, being in a garden. And I'm all about gym life too. Working out is my go-to for mental health. I'm pretty strict about keeping up with my routine.

Jim: I was going to ask you about that because how do you stay looking so good? Is it only the gym, and what's your diet like? Mine sucks. Because when I hang up with you, I'm going to go eat a bag of Cheetos. That's what I'm going to do. But nobody's paying me to look good ... Haha.

Daisy: No, I'm super careful because to me, if I eat that then I'm gonna have to make up for that. When I was younger, I would eat anything, and it was just fast metabolism. I was skinny as shit. Now if I eat something, I'm like gaining weight overnight. I'm like, "What the hell is this?" So, I'm very careful with what I put in my body because I look at my family, and I see how they're unhealthy, and I'm like, "I can't do that to myself." I take care of myself.

Jim: I'm supposed to keep this short, or else I would go into all kinds of shit. So ...

Daisy: I told you; I love these things, I love talking.

Jim: I know. I'm definitely feeling that, but it's all good. We'll do a follow up at some point. What's your main platform where fans can get in with you? Is it OnlyFans?

Daisy: Yes. I was thinking of making another one, like a VIP account, but right now, the one I have is free to subscribe.

Jim: Cool. So, let's wrap it up, but it's been very interesting to talk with you and you're not lying when you say you like to talk. I feel like I'm hanging up on you, and I'd like to talk for another half hour or so at least! 

Daisy: Right!??

Jim: But anyway, everybody needs to follow your Twitter. You're @Daisy Fuentes_ and your OnlyFans, which is free to subscribe, is @DaisyFuentes. And if anybody wants to get you on their set, they go to Invision Models and you're going to make it happen and hopefully, be the next great big thing. And we can't wait to see what you're going to do. In the meantime, go take care of your daughter and yourself.

Daisy: Awww. Thank you.

Jim: Absolutely. But yeah, it was a terrific conversation. It was nice talking with you tonight, Daisy. 

Daisy: Thank you so much, it was good talking with you too.

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