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Ready to Bust: Brianna Arson

Popularity continues to soar for Canadian newcomer, who turns heads with flexibility and upbeat persona

By Austin King / Editor

Apr 15, 2024

Brianna Arson said her stage name is based on her desire to “set the industry on fire.”

She’s certainly off to a blazing start.

Less than a year into her career, the 22-year-old Canadian has captured the attention of some of the top studios in the business—not to mention the thousands of fans who flock daily to her addictive social media platforms, where her following continues to soar.

Arson—a former gymnast and avid weightlifter—spoke with PornCrush recently about her journey into the adult industry, her crazy sex life, and plenty of other topics during a wide-ranging interview. Hope you enjoy.

PornCrush: Thanks for joining us, Brianna. Before we get into your porn career, tell us a little bit about your life before porn.

Brianna: Of course. I’m 22 and got into mainstream porn at the end of September. But prior to doing porn and OnlyFans and all that, I used to work in a thrift store and also a nightclub as a coat check girl. And I was in university full-time. So I was slaving away doing school and work and it was just really unsustainable, both mentally and physically. I was barely sleeping. I’d get up at 5 a.m. to catch the bus to get to work at 7. I’d finish my first shift at 3.30. I was back home around 4.30. I would go to the gym, eat dinner, and then get ready for work again. And I would be at the nightclub from 8 p.m. until 3 or 4 in the morning sometimes. And then I’d take a power nap and get ready to start all over again.

PornCrush: Wow. I can’t imagine how taxing that must have been.

Brianna: I barely had time for school because I was working 60-hour work weeks. I had in-person lectures. I would try to attend them when I could, but for the most part, it just wasn’t happening with the whole work thing.

PornCrush: I read that you once had ambitions to be a high school teacher. How were you thinking your life would play out?

Brianna:  Oh my gosh, I really had no idea. I was in university to be a high school teacher, yes. I was studying English with two minors in psychology and history. My parents wanted that for me more than anything. I was going for the degree to make other people happy and then also set myself up for success in the long run, but it was never really something I was super passionate about.

PornCrush: And Brianna, I think we forgot to mention that you grew up in Canada and still reside there. Where in Canada? Big city or small town?

Brianna: Correct, yes. I'm from this small, small town called Waterloo and that's where the Blackberry phone was invented. It's a university town. I grew up right outside on the edge, on a farm, for a good period of my life, surrounded by horses and nature and animals. I actually grew up riding horses. Yeah, riding horses and gymnastics took up a lot of my time;

PornCrush: I was going to ask about gymnastics, because it’s obvious from your social media posts that you’re extremely flexible.

Brianna: Yeah. I did gymnastics for eight years competitively, but on top of that, I also have a joint condition called Ehlers-Danlos hypermobility, which essentially means that I have a excess production of collagen in my body, and it allows for me to move in ways that you normally do not see.

PornCrush: It has definitely resulted in some pretty cool scenes and photo shoots.You had one X a few days that was something I’d never seen before. Describe that position.

Brianna: It was a VR scene for Lethal Hardcore. It had never been done before in VR. Basically, I was in a bridge, and then I tucked all the way underneath my legs on my elbows. So not just a bridge, but like an elbow stand bridge kind of thing. It was crazy. I could feel it all up in my guts.

I've been practicing, like getting into more interesting positions with my stretching after I work out. I have the confidence that I can get fucked in positions people have never seen or don't see too often. And that's my plan for this road trip, to bring some really interesting stuff and set fire down the West Coast as I do best.

PornCrush: Yes, Brianna is currently in LA, by the way, for a round of shoots. OK, just to backtrack, tell us about your journey into the adult industry. How did you end up here?

Brianna: My parents kicked me out because of a guy who I was seeing. He wasn't the religious preference, if you will. I'm Jewish and he wasn't, so they didn't like that. So I got kicked out. But the real kicker, the real straw for me was deciding to do OnlyFans and stuff was when I dumped him. I finally had 100 percent independence on my own. I wasn't relying on my boyfriend anymore to be my emotional crutch. And it just felt right. I was like, “It’s time to do the OnlyFans.” I had been famous on TikTok a couple years prior. People wanted to see it. I've always been a slut. It seemed to make sense. And pretty much as soon as I decided to do OnlyFans, I posted to my main Instagram account under my legal name at the time, and I was like, “Hey, who wants to check out my OnlyFans.” Right off the bat, I was posting my sex tapes. I hit top 2% within the first week, and now I'm finally back up there again and it feels fucking awesome.”

PornCrush: You said you've always been a slut. When did you start hooking up with random guys?

Brianna: I have a list of every single person I've ever slept with on my phone. When I was younger, I definitely was having a lot of random sex, risky sex, multiple partner sex. Whenever I was feeling down, I was like, “You know what, I need a dopamine overdose, so I'm getting a nut off.” I would go on Tinder and find someone to take me there.

PornCrush: Would you have them over to your place? Would you meet at hotels? Was it car sex?

Brianna: No, no. I would sneak out. I was sneaking out of the house in the middle of the night. Or sneaking off campus when I was on campus for school and screwing between my classes. With university, you could have a couple hours between a class. You could have one lecture in the morning and one lecture in the evening. And all that between time was perfect time for sucking dick.

PornCrush: Where are some of the weird places you’ve had sex?

Brianna: Oh my gosh, so many. One of my very first sex tapes I ever filmed was in a kiddie pool full of life jackets at summer camp, like in a storage shed. I've had sex in the forest.

PornCrush: Hold up … a kiddie pool in a storage shed? I’m guessing there was no water in it?

Brianna: No, it was in the storage shed full of planks of wood and life jackets, and it was just chilling there, and I chose that as the perfect spot for some reason. I made it work. I’ve had sex in some pretty interesting places, mostly like public outdoor spaces. I've had it in a movie theater before also. In the very back corner.

PornCrush: How did you transition from OnlyFans into studio porn?

Brianna: After a month of doing OnlyFans, a recruiter for Foxxx Modeling reached out to me and I thought about it. I was like, “This is definitely something that piques my interest because I'm already doing the whole porn thing. Like I may as well just expand and let everyone see it.” But it actually took me until September to sign to my agency because I have some trust issues and I had to speak to some Canadian porn stars such as Emily Jade and Jessica Starling. I talked to both of them about Fox before deciding to sign. And when I basically got only good information about Chris and the agency and how he handles his Canadian girls, I jumped on and I flew out as soon as I possibly could. My first studio scene was two days after I landed and then I was booked up my whole first trip.

Brianna: Honestly, not really. I have pretty good charisma, I'd say. I was a theater kid at an early age and well into high school. So for me, being on a stage is where I'm comfortable. And at the end of the day, porn is just being on a stage and fucking for an audience. So I love it.

PornCrush: Having sex with porn guys is probably a lot different than fucking civilians. Were you ready for it?

Brianna: Honestly, yeah, I was ready for it. I came into the industry just shy of 40 bodies myself. I’d had lots of sex. I had plenty of long-term relationships and I'm always attracted to that big dick energy. So really getting into porn was like a walk in the park for me.

PornCrush: You’ve shot for some of the biggest companies out there already. BangBros, Evil Angel — and I know Jules Jordan is a big Brianna Arson fan, and rightfully so. But I know you're really proud of a Hookup Hotshot scene that you did a while back. I've seen clips, but for people that haven’t, please describe what that was like.

Brianna: Take the word “hardcore” and multiply that times 10. And that's what my Hookup Hotshot shot scene was. I did everything under the sun, under my own jurisdiction, because at my core, I am an experimentalist. And there's no safer environment to experiment than on a porn set, when everyone's a professional. Everything's done in a safe manner, and you're the most respected person in the room.

PornCrush: I thought Hookup Hotshot had one of the best booths there and you were a part of that. What was it like for you to meet all these fans and people that have been watching you? How did that make you feel?

Brianna: It was so crazy and eye-opening and incredible. I had no idea that I had the amount of fans that I have. And I also didn't know how many people in the industry knew me and were gonna come talk to me. That was also insane because I've been watching porn for forever. So having some of these industry idols come talk to me was like, wow, on top of meeting my fans who idolize me for just being myself.

PornCrush: Yeah, that's gotta make you feel good. You mentioned industry idols that people you met. Who were some people that you were a little bit starstruck by?

Brianna: Tommy King was number one. She was signing with me at the booth and she was so friendly. She's fucking incredible. I spoke to Ellie Clutch. I look up to her a lot. I think she's so beautiful as well. I spoke to Abella Danger as well, which was incredible. Her butt was ginormous. I’m trying to get mine like that.

PornCrush: You mentioned being a long-time porn fan. What genres of porn do you enjoy the most?

Brianna: Honestly, I've gone through many, many a porn phase, ranging from simple vanilla porn to Team Skeet stuff to gay porn to lesbian porn to hardcore porn to gang bang stuff. It really just depends how I'm feeling on the day. I definitely have some favorite sites, Kink being one of them, and I finally got to shoot with them on my last trip.

Gia Derza is someone I look up to, as well. Something might be happening with her very, very soon that I'm really excited about. I also love Owen Gray’s website. I met him quite recently as well.

PornCrush: I continue to be impressed with your Instagram and X accounts. You post often and always come across as so fun-loving and upbeat. What’s your approach to social media?

Brianna: I look at my Twitter account kind of like a porno LinkedIn, if that makes sense. People want to see your best stuff, they want to see you loving what you're doing. I try to keep any political stuff off of my feed, any negativity off of my feed, any stuff that isn't inherently porny or horny or corny even off of my feed. And I try to engage with my fans because they make this possible for me. Without them, I would be nothing. So you gotta keep your fans happy. Talk to your fans. Be engaging and be upbeat all the time. Nobody wants to see a sad porn girl. They don't watch you to see you cry. They wanna see you cumming and having fun.


PornCrush: OK Brianna, we’ll finish off with our popular “Quick Pops” section, where you give quick answers to a bunch of random questions.

For starters, what’s a quality a guy can have that really turns you on?

Brianna: Suspense. I love knowing who I'm fucking. I love lurking through their stuff and seeing how they fuck. And then like putting myself into the head space before a scene, knowing that that's how I'm gonna get treated. It just gets me so horny for the scene, so excited. So wet for my partner even before I meet them.

PornCrush: What about turn offs? Is there something a guy can do—and it could be sexual or just in his everyday life— that’ll make you walk away pretty fast?

Brianna: Being untrustworthy and uncommunicative. That's the number one thing for me. If you can't tell me how you're feeling and you can't be straight about it, I don't wanna play guessing games. I'm not a fucking mind reader. You're out, you're gone.

PornCrush: What about your favorite sexual position?

Brianna: Anything that takes advantage of my flexibility. Fold me in half, bend me backwards, do whatever you want, get me in something compromising so I can feel it.

PornCrush: When you do those unorthodox positions, it looks great on camera, but does it really feel good too?

Brianna: Yes, actually, I would say so because I think that my body, when I'm more stretched out per se, makes my vagina tighter, depending on how I'm positioned. I can definitely feel it when it's tighter because the dick feels bigger and everything just is hitting the right spots. So yeah, I would definitely say that my contorted, complicated positions are my favorite.

PornCrush: Are there things that you've discovered about yourself sexually, whether it's a kink or a fetish, that maybe you didn't know you liked before you got in?

Brianna: So, so many. Number one, probably water sports. I never tried that in my personal life really until I got onto a set just because, you never know with these civilian dudes. But I could see my co-star chugging 10 bottles of water beforehand. So I'm like, “Okay, we'll try it, why not?” And then I find out I enjoy it.

Also sucking feet. I like that. I have a foot fetish. Not my feet in their mouth, but their feet in my mouth. I definitely like a hardcore objectification kink and like a little bit of a misogyny kink. So I adore to please my partner and get the other person off. Meeting other people with different kinks that I didn't have has sort of expanded my palette in a way.

PornCrush: I read that you prefer giving oral as opposed to receiving it.

Brianna: I actually don't necessarily enjoy receiving it. I had an experience back before losing my virginity where someone told me I tasted like a turkey sandwich and now that's something that lives rent free in my head every single time someone eats me out. So yes, I just I don't like it. I have never cummed from head. I would way rather get on my knees and give you a blowjob. My pussy's gonna get wet anyways, so what does it matter?

PornCrush: What's something that's always in the bag you take to set?

Brianna: Hair gel and lip gloss and powder and a spare pair of contacts. I get really sloppy and I've had instances where I've gotten spit in my eyes, cum in my eyes, puke in my eyes, piss in my eyes, and that does not feel good. You gotta get those contacts out and when they're out, I can't see.

PornCrush: Who is your porn crush?

Brianna: I have several right now. Probably if we're gonna give you male and female stars, top three of each. For male stars, I would say Zac Wild, Cody Steele and Johnny Sins. And then for female stars, I would say Gia Derza, Mia Kay and Emmy Banks. She's not mainstream though.

PornCrush: What about post-scene meals? What’s the main thing you crave after a long shoot day:

Brianna: Because I'm Canadian, we don't have a lot of these like places that are out in LA. Like it's totally like a different eating ballpark, if you will. So if I'm doing an anal scene and I haven't eaten, it really depends how I'm feeling at the end of the day, but I'm probably gonna try something new and something LA local. I really like California Chicken Cafe. That's something that I've discovered I really enjoy. I like their Caesar wraps and their Chinese chicken wraps. I think they're delicious.

PornCrush: I forgot about you doing anal. Was that something that you did right as you got in the industry? Or were you already pretty experienced with it in your personal life or?

Brianna: I’ve been doing solo anal since my early teen years, but I had never actually had a real dick in my butt until I started doing OnlyFans and I have my whole anal virginity on tape out there. But yeah, with my years of solo practice it's been nothing but a walk in the park.

PornCrush: What are some of your passions outside of porn?

Brianna: I like to go to the gym. I enjoy reading. I enjoy writing. I write a lot of poetry. I have a super huge passion for the arts. So I like to listen to music. I love to sing. I love to dance and create art, paint, draw, all of the above.

PornCrush: Tell me about your gym routine. Do you lift heavy? Or is it more about cardio and low weight, high repetition stuff?

Brianna: I do lift heavy. I kind of train like a power builder in some regard. I like big compound lifts. However, I did just cut flat pressing, like bench pressing, because I didn't like the way it was making my chest look. But I do lift heavy because it makes me feel powerful, and it makes me feel good, and it just kind of deletes all the stress from the end of the day.

PornCrush: Are you one of those girls who hates when guys talk to you while you’re working out?

Brianna: My headphones are on and they are staying on. If you talk to me, I will pretend I didn't hear you because I probably didn't.

PornCrush: Thanks so much for taking some time for us today, Brianna. And congrats on all of your success thus far. Let’s catch up again soon.

Brianna: Thank you. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day.

Austin King / Editor

Austin King spent nearly 20 years as a mainstream journalist before pivoting to coverage of the adult industry in 2020. He specializes in breaking news and in-depth features, with some of his best work to date coming for AVN Magazine in profiles of Gina Valentina, Casey Kisses, Anna-Claire Clouds, Kayden Kross, Chanel Camryn, Kenzie Anne, Lilly Bell and others. Austin resides in Texas but makes frequent trips to Porn Valley.