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Ready to Bust: Lucky Anne

Bookings continue to increase for surging Chicagoan; “Her ass is amazing,” scene partner says

By Austin King / Editor

May 7, 2024

One of the most difficult things for most performers entering the adult industry is telling their parents about their newfound profession.

Lucky Anne, however, didn’t have that problem.

Her mother knew years earlier that she was headed there all along.

“When I was younger, my mom found my journal,” Anne told PornCrush. “Basically I’d written that I couldn't wait to start having sex. That obviously led to a conversation. And then when I moved to LA for modeling, my mom actually called it before I did that I would join the porn scene.”

Anne laughs.

“She’s been very supportive through all of it,” she says. “As long as I'm taking care of myself and I'm safe, she's happy.”

Just as her mother predicted years earlier, porn indeed seems to be Anne’s calling. Less than two years into her career, Anne’s popularity is soaring. The native Chicagoan has worked for A-list studios such as Evil Angel, Reality Kings, Team Skeet and Naughty America. And as word of Anne and her bodacious backside continues to spread, you can bet that other companies will be lining up to book her, too.

Anne recently joined the PornCrush studio to talk about her past, her journey into the adult industry, and what lies ahead. I hope you enjoy it.

PornCrush: Thanks for taking some time for us today, Lucky. Can you begin by telling us about your life before you entered the adult industry?

Lucky: Yes, and first of all, thank you for having me. I’m from the Chicago area and was in (college). I got my degree in psychology and I was working as a counselor for about a year. And during that time I was modeling for fun and I realized I was good at it. So I decided I wanted to change my career. I quit my job and I started modeling full time. And then I moved to LA.

And that's when I started doing OnlyFans. I started off with solo work and then I started doing collabs with male talent, and then I joined the industry around November of 2022.

PornCrush: Backtracking a little bit, even though you didn't end up going down this path with your career; tell us what you initially planned to do with your life and a little bit more about what you were studying in school.

Lucky: My plan was to take a year or two off to get more experience in the work field. And then I wanted to apply to PhD programs. I wanted to get my doctorate in psychology and be a psychologist and have my own private practice. But I did the math to determine the soonest I could achieve that. And I would be about 30.

So it would’ve been 20-plus years from the beginning of school to graduating and being completely finished. Plus, I realized I can be a psychologist or a doctor anytime really. And modeling was really what was making me passionate and making me happy. As much as I love mental health and the mental health care field, it’s a really draining environment. You have to be 100 percent on your best behavior with your patients, and I just wasn't 100 percent all of the time. So I decided to switch gears and try something completely new.

PornCrush: What were you like growing up? What were your teenage and college years like? Were you a partier? A bookworm?

Lucky: I've always been a bookworm. I've always gotten good grades, but I do have to say I look back and kind of regret not being single during college because I definitely would have had a lot more fun. But I was definitely still a party girl. I tried to find a balance between the two, but I know if I was single I would have gotten into a lot more trouble.

PornCrush: What was the party scene like where you went to college?

Lucky: I was dating a frat boy. So we would have parties at his frat house. And then we would also go to the bars and the clubs. My favorite was always like the clubs because I loved getting dressed up and going dancing.

PornCrush: How good of a dancer are you? I’m guessing you’ve got some twerking skills.

Lucky: Yeah, I'm a little extra with it (laughing). That's when I would get told to calm down.

PornCrush: Looking back, were there signs and indicators when you were younger that sex work could be in your future?

Lucky: Yeah, there were definitely a couple signs. When I was younger, my mom found my journal. Basically I’d written that I couldn't wait to start having sex. That obviously led to a conversation. And then when I moved to LA for modeling, my mom actually called it before I did that I would join the porn scene. Thankfully, she's been very supportive through all of it. My mom has always encouraged me to be myself and she trusts me. As long as I'm taking care of myself and I'm safe, she's happy.

PornCrush: When we talked earlier, you mentioned having a long-term boyfriend for about five years. Was sex still a big part of your life? Were you watching porn? Were you thinking about sex—and having it—all the time? What was your take on sex work during that span?

Lucky: I've been watching porn for a very long time, so that didn't change. I had a lot of sex in my relationship. Honestly, it’s still probably still the best sex that I've had. So I was definitely being pleased and happy. The only thing is that sometimes he would compare me to some of the female talent. Like, knowing their names and stuff. We’d watch Kali Roses, and it made me want to work with her.

PornCrush: She's definitely a good one; very, very popular. You mentioned doing modeling before you got into adult work? What type of modeling was it?

Lucky: The way I joined modeling was on Instagram. I had mutuals that were shooting with photographers and then I would just DM them and see if they were down to collab. It started off with fashion shoots and then it moved into boudoir within a month of me shooting. So I was doing a lot of lingerie shoots and that was the niche that I really liked.

PornCrush: How did being in front of the camera make you feel? Is it a powerful feeling? What are the emotions you experience when you're going through that?

Lucky: I’ve always been glued to the camera and mirrors. I just love knowing that I'm being looked at. So I always enjoyed it. Being in front of the camera and modeling has invigorated a new sense of confidence in me.

PornCrush: Okay, so you eventually started OnlyFans and were doing solo content. Then you add mixed in some boy-girl and got discovered by an agency, is that correct?

Lucky: I was staying with a roommate in LA at the time and I had bounced the idea back and forth with her so many times about applying to agencies. There was one morning we were on our balcony just smoking and hanging out, and I was complaining about my current circumstances. My roommate looked me in the eyes and said, “Well why don’t you just do it? Just fill out an application (with an agency) and send it in.” And that’s what I did. I filled out a few applications and then got signed in November of 2022.

PornCrush: I know things got off to a slow start because of some health issues and a lack of bookings. How did you persevere through all of that?

Lucky: I’ve been working on checking myself when I find myself having a victim complex. Like, whenever I find myself thinking, “Oh, like the world is conspiring against me. This isn't working out. Maybe i's a sign that I should just give up and not do it.” Now just see them as obstacles to overcome, mountains to push through. And I just kept going. I wasn't going to give up.

I set some very, like very high expectations for myself. I reassessed things and checked in with myself and reminded myself that this isn’t a race. I can take my time and just have faith.

PornCrush: Well, there are a lot of people who are glad you stuck it out. Was there a moment when things really started to turn, your spirits were elevated, and you thought, “Hey, we're on the right path now?”

Lucky: I definitely would say AVN this past January. It was my first time and I really wasn't expecting much at all. I was completely blown away with the recognition and the support and all the fans coming up to meet me. Most of them didn’t know who I was but it was just nice that they still took time out of their day to stop and talk to me and get to know me. And then, of course, being around all the other stars, that was great, too.

PornCrush: Tell me a little bit about the past three or four months since AVN. You’re with East Coast Talent now, which is a very reputable agency. What have been some recent highlights for you?

Lucky: Honestly, I've been so happy with the amount of companies that I've been working with. I've definitely had more of a variety. I got to work with Evil Angel and Hustler and Naughty America. And there's a few others in the works. And that's just been really cool to see that there have been more bookings for me available and being on set and, you know, meeting the crew and meeting the talent and delivering a great performance. It’s all been so fulfilling and there really hasn't been a point where I've kind of felt like, "What am I doing?” I don't question it anymore. Before, when I would show up to all my other retail jobs, I would have such bad anxiety and I would hate going to work and I would dread it. But doing this make me happy.

PornCrush: Do you get butterflies before your scenes? Are you still dealing with the newcomer nerves? Or do you not get nervous at all?

Lucky: I do get nervous. I do get butterflies, but I remind myself that it's just because I care. I want to put on a good performance and I want everyone to be happy. But whenever I tell people that I'm nervous or I'm anxious, they're like, “I can't tell.” So I think I do a pretty good job at keeping it together and getting out of my head.

PornCrush: What's a type of scene that you get real excited about? A scene where you're really at your best?

Lucky: I haven't been able to do this type of scene yet, and I'm not sure if I'm using the correct terminology, but I like glamour shoots where it's a full beauty face, lingerie, stockings, heels—that elevated, aesthetic look. I like being dressed to the 10s.

PornCrush: You obviously get a lot of attention for your backside. Romeo Mancini is a good friend of mine. I saw that you shot with him recently so I texted him and asked how you did. He was like, “She's got one of the best asses in the business.” He was so excited. Has that always been a calling card for you?

Lucky: Yes, I remember when I was in high school, I asked a (female) friend of mine, “What’s the first thing you notice about me?” And she was like, “Your butt.” I was like, “Oh, OK. Not my face. Not anything else.” So yes, my butt has always been the center of attention.

PornCrush: There’s certainly nothing wrong with that. Are you someone that goes to the gym a lot? Or is your body just naturally in great shape?

Lucky: I was really consistent in the gym from like 2019 until 2022. I’d probably go six days a week. Mostly weightlifting.  But recently I've been doing more yoga and stretching. I stretch every single day. I am active every single day. But my body has always been like this. Going to the gym makes me more toned.

PornCrush: Have you set goals for yourself for the rest of 2024? You know, things you want to check off of a list? How are you approaching things moving forward?

Lucky: Yeah, in my notes, I have a five-year list for goals, and then I have short term, end-of-the-year goals. There are a couple companies I want to work with, and a few specific performers who I want to work with.

PornCrush: I know social media can be a job in itself, with all of the time and effort you have to put into it. Explain your approach with your platforms and the kind of content you like to post.

Lucky: This might be an unpopular opinion, but I don't really like taking pictures of myself, like setting the camera up and doing all the angles. I like to get a professional to take all my pictures. So that's been my favorite: professional pictures. I started on Instagram, so I've had Instagram for a couple years. But I didn’t start my Twitter until a year ago this June.

I was able to build my Twitter by just posting daily and sharing my content. I’ve always been very particular about how I want things to look. So that I think keeps me from posting more than I probably would. I've been trying to get out of the ‘perfectionist’ mindset.

PornCrush: OK Lucky, let’s finish off with some Quick Pops.


PornCrush: When it comes to men, what's a turn on? What's something a guy can do that can really gets you going?

Lucky: Make me laugh. Make me comfortable enough and have that sense of humor. That's a really big turn on for me.

PornCrush: What about turn offs? Something that will make you run away pretty quick

Lucky: Mansplaining me. Like if we're having a conversation and you're not really caring about what I'm saying and you're just trying to make me believe what you're saying. Anything where you’re kinda demeaning me.

PornCrush: What are your thoughts on girls? Are you bisexual?

Lucky: I actually had my gay awakening right when I started in the industry. I realized I liked girls. So yeah, I am bisexual.

PornCrush: What's something a performer or a director can do to really put you at ease, maybe maybe before a scene starts?

Lucky: Just compliment me. If I'm receiving any sort of words of affirmation, that definitely puts me at ease.

PornCrush: Who is your porn crush?

Lucky: My biggest porn crush is Sky Blue. I met her at the AVN Awards show and I spilled my drink all over her when she made eye contact with me. So that was great. We were standing and I just lost control. She was like, “Are you okay?” and I'm like, “Yeah, I'm great.” I kept my composure. I didn't want a fangirl out on her too much.

PornCrush: What’s something that’s always in the bag you take to set?

Lucky: I have to always have my full shower routine, like my towel, my body wash, my lotion. I even bring my makeup and my hairbrush. I bring a bunch of clothes, my wardrobe. I try to be as prepared as possible.

PornCrush: Is there anything you've discovered about yourself sexually, maybe a kink or a fetish, that you didn't know existed before you got into the industry?

Lucky: Water sports. I haven't actually experimented with it yet, but I've been enjoying watching it, I can't really say if I would enjoy it. I've been pretty vanilla in my lifetime, so I'm hoping that I start having more experiences that brighten my horizons.

PornCrush: Do you prefer soft and sensual sexual experiences? Or do you prefer rougher sex?

Lucky Anne: I would say both.

PornCrush: What’s one of the main meals you crave after a long day on set?

Lucky: I love ordering Mediterranean food when I'm shooting. I’m a vegetarian so that gives me pretty good options; a good wrap or a salad.

PornCrush: Are you a TV person? What type of shows do you veg out on?

Lucky: I am definitely a TV person. Growing up, I was really into Criminal Minds and Law and Order, Grey's Anatomy, that sort of thing. I've been dabbling into shows that were on when I was young but don’t remember, like The OC and Gossip Girl. So yeah, I've been watching a lot of shows.

PornCrush: What do you like to do on an off day? What are some of your hobbies and passions away from the industry?

Lucky: I'll go to the gym. I always make sure to have a 30-minute walk outside of the house to get some fresh air. It's so pretty in California. I’m not used to it, being from the Midwest. So even going to the beach or driving around. I live a pretty simple life. I'm really into makeup and skincare and clothes. I’ll research about that or just, you know, make catalogs of that sort of thing.

PornCrush: Thanks so much for taking time for us today, Lucky? Keep up the good work and hopefully we can catch up again before the end of the year.

Lucky: Yeah, I'd love that. Thank you for having me.

Austin King / Editor

Austin King spent nearly 20 years as a mainstream journalist before pivoting to coverage of the adult industry in 2020. He specializes in breaking news and in-depth features, with some of his best work to date coming for AVN Magazine in profiles of Gina Valentina, Casey Kisses, Anna-Claire Clouds, Kayden Kross, Chanel Camryn, Kenzie Anne, Lilly Bell and others. Austin resides in Texas but makes frequent trips to Porn Valley.