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Ready to Bust: Nichole Saphir

Blonde anal princess with Baywatch body and tantalizing tattoos is poised for a banner career

By Austin King / Editor

Oct 19, 2023

Nichole Saphir has a confession to make.

“I’m super shy,” the 26-year-old head-turner says. “I’ve always been very self-conscious.”

In many ways that’s difficult to fathom.

Whether she’s twerking at a pool party, surfing at Venice beach or dancing in the crowd at an indie alternative concert, Saphir is the peacock in any setting.

Her cascading blonde locks and Baywatch body—alluringly-decorated with high-end tattoos—give off a vibe of self-assuredness she’s only now beginning to embrace.

“I was an awkward little kid,” Saphir tells PornCrush. “I always thought I wasn't good enough, you know? But I will say this: since I've joined porn, it has helped my confidence tremendously.”

Indeed, considering the feedback she’s receiving from directors and co-stars, Saphir should now be void of self-doubt. Just five months into her adult career, the former makeup artist has already worked for Reality Kings and Spizoo, tangled with Alex Jones and Jay Hefner in a BBG threesome and, wait for it … taken Dredd in her backdoor.

With upcoming shoots with Mike Adriano, Owen Gray and others, Saphir’s star is certain to ascend right along with her swagger.

“A lot of people have told me, ‘Oh wow! You’re really good at this,’” Saphir says. “They compliment me, which also boosts my confidence.”

PornCrush caught up with Saphir earlier this week for the latest edition of “Ready to Bust,” an ongoing series that highlights some of the top first-year performers in porn.

PornCrush: Hi Nichole. For starters, where did you grow up and what were you doing before joining the adult industry?

Nichole: I was born and raised in Ventura, California. Before (porn) I was a makeup artist (MUA) and I was also doing medical billing.

PornCrush: Were there signs early on, maybe in your teenage years, or a little bit after that, that adult work might be in your future?

Nichole: No. Like, legit … I never even really thought about it. I mean, I always thought about maybe doing OnlyFans, but I never had the courage to do it. I was like, “Nah.” One day, my friend who was in it, he was like my best friend, he told me, “You'd be really good in porn.” I was like, “Really?” So then he brought me into it all. Shout out to Uncut James.

PornCrush: Were you a pretty sexual/promiscuous person before porn?

Nichole: I would definitely say I've always been pretty sexual, like a gross person (laughing). Because I'm a Scorpio—and I know most people don't care about signs—but yeah I've always been a little freak in the sheets. But I still never thought, “Oh, I'm gonna do porn.” It was so random.

PornCrush: Did you have reservations about it early on? What were some of your hesitations or things that might've held you back initially?

Nichole: I was very self-conscious. And I was scared of my family finding out and whatnot. Those are the only reasons really.

PornCrush: Nichole, most people would probably be surprised to hear you say you were self-conscious, because you're so pretty. What does that stem from?

Nichole: I have no idea. I've always been super shy. I was an awkward little kid. I always thought I wasn't good enough, you know? But I will say this: since I've joined porn, it has helped my confidence tremendously. So that’s like another cool thing about this job.

PornCrush: How has it helped your confidence?

Nichole: I guess it pushed me to be “out there.” Like you're going on set and you kind of just have to do it and be confident. So I guess that helped me in a sense. And a lot of people have told me, too, like, “Oh wow! You’re really good at this.” They compliment me, which also boosts my self-confidence.

PornCrush: Some new girls, when the cameras start rolling, they tense up. Or maybe they don't fully get into the scene, where they can forget that anyone else is in the room. Have you reached that point? How would you describe your mentality on set?

Nichole: So when I first initially started doing OnlyFans and collabs, I was super nervous, because it was something I’ve never done before. I was definitely nervous and you could tell. But after a few times, you just go for it. I guess I’ve gotten used to that.

PornCrush: What about your makeup? As a former MUA, do you get really picky when other people are trying to do your makeup on set? Or do you always do your own? How does that work?

Nichole: I usually do my own makeup just because I know my face and the techniques I use. Usually if I'm going on set, I tell my manager, “ey, can I do my own makeup?” They're usually cool with it.

PornCrush: Are there things that you've maybe discovered about yourself sexually that have surprised you a little bit? What have you learned about yourself sexually that you didn't know?

Nichole: I was already pretty freaky before. But I’ve surprised myself with (the size of the dicks) I can take anally. I’ve also become more open, sexually.  I would say I’m pansexual now. Since doing this, I’ve come to like everybody.

PornCrush: Did you have much experience with girls before porn? Or anything beyond just a typical boy-girl hookup?

Nichole: I have had my fair share of women, but never transgender people. And since starting, I have worked with transgender women and I love it, you know? I worked with Gracie Jane. I love her and will be working with her again. And I’m going to be working with a trans man, Austin Spears.

PornCrush: When it comes to porn stars who are heavily-tattooed, you’re right up there at the top. Sometimes, though, tattoos can be a polarizing thing in the industry. Have you found that it's helped you? Has it ever been a hindrance?

Nichole: I’ve actually been chilling out on tattoos ever since I’ve started porn.

(Initially) I just wanted to get a leg sleeve done and that's what I started doing. But then you get that rush from getting tattoos. You get addicted and you want more and more. So then I just started getting my arm done, and then my chest, and then before you knew it, my whole back was done.

Now I’m chilling out. I want to keep one part of my body as blank as I can, you know? That's where I'm at right now.

PornCrush: Well, I do think it's kind of a part of your identity. And I think you know, you should embrace that. Do tattoos give you confidence?

Nichole: Yeah, for sure. Getting tattoos is my way of expressing myself. It’s artistic. I'm really into the music scene. So a lot of my tattoos are from my favorite albums or song lyrics.

PornCrush: Do you have any favorites, whether it’s because they mean something special to you—or simply because they look good? What’s your mindset when you’re getting new ink?

Nichole: Oh man, there is no mindset. I just go for it and I let my artist draw up whatever he wants and then he just tattoos it on me. I go for a lot of Japanese traditional work. And a lot of my (ink) is nautical themed.

Literally, none of my tattoos have any meaning. But my favorite one is probably my humpback whale, because that's like one of my favorite animals, favorite mammals.

PornCrush: You said you have a lot of nautical-themed tattoos. Why is that? Do you have an interest in a lot of that kind of stuff?

Nichole: I’ve always been super into the ocean and going to the beach and whatnot. Just sea life … anything like dolphins, sharks, whales. I don't think I've ever really gotten criticism because of my tattoos. And it's weird because I thought a lot of people would like my leg because it's all nautical-themed, but a lot of people, especially females, compliment my arm work. I think probably because it's more girly, like flowers and stuff.

PornCrush: When you go to the beach, are you out in the water a lot? Or are you just sunbathing?r

Nichole: I surf. Just a little, though. And I go sea glass hunting sometimes, which is super cool. And then I kind of just get like a sunburn along the way.

PornCrush: You mentioned, too, that some of your work is inspired by your favorite bands. Tell us a little bit about your interest in music.

Nichole: Oh yeah, I love talking about this. So right here (points to neck), this is from one of my favorite bands, Frightened Rabbit. This is one of my favorite albums, "The Midnight Organ Fight.” I got it as a tribute tattoo, because he passed away a few years ago. And then I have one right here on my face. You can't really see it, because it's covered in makeup. But it's Big Dipper. I actually got that with my homie, the one who brought me into the porn industry, James, because that's one of our favorite songs from one of our bands we like. And then I'm in love with Modest Mouse, Fill to Spill, and Frightened Rabbit. I've been listening to Spoon lately. Just a lot of indie alternative.

It's like a lot of 90s and 2000s indie alternative. But I'm also huge in the punk scene. I love 80s punk, garage punk, Gang Green, DRI (Dirty Rotten Imbeciles) …

PornCrush: Are you a big concert person, a big festival person? Do you go to a lot of shows?

Nichole: I go to a lot of shows. But I’m not so big on the festivals, just because it's a bit too many people for me. But yeah … the small-venue shows, I love.

PornCrush: I came across an awesome tweet from you recently that mentioned you were more than 400 days sober. That's really impressive and inspiring. Can you tell us about that journey and the backstory that got you to where you are today?

Nichole: I deal with a lot of anxiety issues. I'm diagnosed with panic disorder, they call it. I had initially gotten on medication—and I already had a bit of a drinking problem because it would help my anxiety. But I noticed when I started taking the medication, I knew I had to stop because you weren't supposed to drink on the medication. Drinking would make my depression worse and it started making my panic attacks worse.

So I was like, “Okay, it's either you're going to live with these  gnarly panic attacks or you’ve got to stop drinking. So I just decided to stop drinking and my friend actually helped me through it, too. But yeah, it was 422 days ago today, I believe.

I miss it sometimes, especially when I'm at social events, because I'm not the most social person. So drinking used to help me, but I'm getting the hang of it to where I don't need alcohol to have fun or to socialize. So that's been really cool to see, actually.

PornCrush: Does it get easier and easier as time goes on?

Nichole: It definitely does get easier, but when I am at those social events, it is hard when I do see everybody drinking and letting loose. Because it's like, “Urgh, I want a shot of Jameson so bad.” You know? But it's just literally a choice. Everything is a choice in life. It's either you do it or you don't. And that's kind of how it is for me.

PornCrush: How have your friends helped with keeping you on the right path, even if they may drink a little bit? Do you have people looking out for you and supporting you in that journey?

Nichole: A lot of my friends know that I'm very strong-willed, so when I do something, I stick to it. So usually they're not babysitting me and making sure I'm not drinking. But there have been times where everybody's taking shots and then I'll make a comment like, “Fuck, I really want to take a shot right now.” And then they'll remind me like, “No, don't do it!”

PornCrush: I’m sure you face a lot of temptation in the adult industry, just because there are so many opportunities to indulge.

Nichole: My friend, the one who actually got me in the industry, he's also been sober for a while. So he’s actually the one who guided me through it and told me about AA meetings. I started going to those. It definitely has helped me. I've only been to, like, five meetings and then I stopped going because I can’t find the time to go anymore. But I’ve been thinking about going again, just because it's cool. It’s pretty much a huge therapy group. You just talk, and it's nice.

PornCrush: What about your overall health? You’ve definitely have a noticeable glow. Are you someone that goes to the gym very often? Do you eat well? How do you stay in such good shape?

Nichole: I keep my core strong. I do a lot of ab workouts and then arm workouts, just because I do like to surf. It's peaceful for me and that helps me keep a strong core and strong arms. I do some butt exercises, but I never go to the gym. It's literally all at-home workouts.

PornCrush: Shifting gears, you’ve been in the adult industry about five months now. Have you reached a point where you know what your strengths are? What makes you read a call sheet and get excited and say, “Today is going to be a good day. This is my kind of scene.”

Nichole: The scenes that have dialogue, I get so nervous because I am not the best at remembering stuff. So having to memorize lines is hard for me, but it's also fun at the same time, because it's a challenge and I like challenges. But scenes that I get excited for would definitely anal scenes, because I feel like that's what I'm best at. I just like to show what I got.

PornCrush: How did you become an anal performer or someone that likes anal? Did you discover the pleasures of that a long time ago? Has that always been a part of your repertoire?

Nichole: I had this ex and we dated for four years and I started doing anal with him, and that's when I realized I just have better orgasms when I'm doing anal. I don't know if that’s, like, the G-spot area, but also I do have a very sensitive vagina, so it's just easier when it comes to anal for me.

PornCrush: So you can take something maybe bigger anally then vaginally?

Nichole: Yes. I just did a scene with Dredd for anal and there's no way I could take it in my vagina. Anal is just always easier for me.mI actually enjoy it. Like, it's nice, you know?

PornCrush: You mentioned working with Dredd, which is a huge name in the industry. Who are some other people you've worked with and walked away feeling like you’d shot a good scene?

Nichole: I worked with Scott Nails. He was cool to work with. That was an anal scene. I just worked with Alex Jones and Jay Hefner, and that was a cool scene.

PornCrush: Did you enjoy mixing things up and doing a boy-boy-girl scene? Was that new to you?

Nichole: Oh yeah, it's always fun to mix things up. Even if it's an orgy, it doesn't even have to be a threesome. I just feel like mixing it up is fun and good and, you know? Even a fucking bisexual orgy. I haven't done that yet and I would love to do that.

PornCrush: Along that line, as you look toward the future and really start to ascend, what are some things you would like to see happen with your career? What goals have you set for yourself?

Nichole: I haven't really looked that far ahead. I guess it would be to keep growing in the industry and getting bigger scenes and traveling. I've already gotten to travel for my first time out of the country to Amsterdam for XBIZ and that was super sick. That was awesome

PornCrush: One thing I’ve noticed about you is that you steer clear of drama. There has been a lot of tension, a lot of controversy, in the industry the past few months. But you’ve kept your down and kept working, kept grinding. You’re not toxic on social media. How important are little things like that in this industry?

Nichole: Don't get me wrong, I can be a little toxic sometimes, but I definitely try to stay out of it. I've been in the middle of the drama before, but I literally just shut the fuck up. I feel like if I say something, I'm just gonna get dragged down. It's just best to stay quiet unless I absolutely have to speak up about something.

PornCrush: You seem to have a good work ethic, too. And I would think being sober has really helped in that area, right? Just to wake up feeling good every day and being on time and stuff?

Nichole: Oh yeah. It's just cool too because like, even like at the PornCrush pool party, I was sober for all of that. If I was drinking, I probably wouldn't remember much of it. So it's cool that I can actually make these memories and remember them and cherish them.

PornCrush: That’s a great point, Nichole. Let’s transition in the final segment of this interview with his rapid-fire questions in Quick Pops.


PornCrush: What are your turn-ons in a guy? Some things that might win you over?

Nichole: Lately I've been liking guys that are very open with their sexuality, so we can explore together.

PornCrush: Are you a pleaser sexually? Or more dominant?

Nichole: I am definitely more of a giver than a receiver. It just turns me on to give and watch them get all the pleasure from it.

PornCrush: What about turn-offs? Things guys can do that will make you just say, “Urgh, time to move on.”

Nichole: A big turn off for me is someone that tries to control me or my career. I like someone that's chill and wants to see me succeed and grow. I don't really have any sexual turn-offs, because I’m a gross bitch. Haha.

PornCrush: What about sexual turn-ons?

Nichole: I like back rubs. That turns me on. I really can't think of anything right now. Because like I said, usually what turns me on is giving. I guess like anal, that always feels really good to me.

PornCrush: You mentioned back rubs. Even though you say you like “the gross stuff,” do you sometimes like the sensual stuff, too? The pampering?

Nichole: Yeah, like I also love slow sex, you know? That romantic, deep slow sex. That shit turns me on, too. It just feels real.

PornCrush: What is your favorite sexual position?

Nichole: For anal, I would say missionary. And then for regular vaginal penetration, I would say doggy, that always feels good to me.

PornCrush: What is the riskiest place you’ve had sex?

Nichole: One time I fucked this guy in a Dave and Buster's restroom. That was pretty risky. And then another time I was jacking this guy off on an airplane—underneath a blanket, obviously.

PornCrush: Is there something that you've done since joining porn that you thought you would never do? 

Nichole: Fucking taking Dread's dick in my ass. Like, I did that shit! What? That's insane to me. It felt actually really nice, and I would do it again.

PornCrush: Have you ever had a fan make a strange request for a custom or?

Nichole: One guy wanted me to film myself pooping and I was like, “Bro … no. Nothing with poop in it, okay?” And then another time, this guy just wanted me to gape my asshole open and fart a whole bunch of times. I did that one, because, like, whatever. But yeah, those are the weirdest ones.

PornCrush: What's your take on OnlyFans in terms of making it work well for you? Are you someone that likes to talk a lot to your fans? Is it more about posting every day? How do you approach that whole side of the business?

Nichole: Right now I'm doing my OnlyFans by myself. I just talk to my fans. I do customs. I definitely am looking for someone to help me out now that I'm back doing collabs because I wasn't doing collabs for about five months, and then I just started again in August or September. So I definitely need the help. I'm just kind of looking and browsing.

PornCrush: Do you have anything that you always have to have with you on set? Something that you pack in your little suitcase or bag for every scene?

Nichole: Yeah, vaginal douches, butt douches. Right after I'm done with the scene, I'll pop a boric acid pill in there. Feminine wipes.

PornCrush: Once that once that anal scene's over—because I'm sure you're probably not eating a whole lot before that—are you like running out to get a good meal? And if so, what's your go-to?

Nichole: Oh yeah, I'll order like a big-ass meal and shove it down, because I'm so hungry. I won't eat for that whole day and the day before. The day before I don't eat anything, I'll just have liquids. And then the next day, that day of filming, which is an all-day thing, I won't eat. So I'm starving afterwards. I eat everything.

PornCrush: What was your last big order?

Nichole: My last anal scene, I was so fucking hungry, I went on DoorDash. I ordered a cheeseburger with a gluten-free bun and fries and I just shoved it all down my throat.

PornCrush: What about hobbies and things you do in your free time? You've mentioned music and things like that. What else do you like to do on a day off?

Nichole: I'll just be chilling in bed, going on my socials. I'm always listening to music. Or I'm at the beach. That's literally it. I'm not the biggest social butterfly, so I'm not always the one to be like, “Hey, let's go out and do something.” I’m (usually) in bed.

PornCrush: Have you met people in the industry who you’ve become real close with? Whether they are mentors or just people you can talk about industry issues with?

Nichole: My best friend is Jesse Pony. I met her in March for a collab and we've been inseparable ever since. Like I love her. That's my best friend. That's my sister. I'm always with her. Another person I’ve started hanging out with is Loveless. She’s new. She was at your party too. Her and I have gotten close. I'm also so happy I met Gracie (Jane), she's amazing.

PornCrush: There are definitely a lot of good people in this industry. I was glad to see you having such a good time at the party. You looked like you were having a blast, not just that day, but for these last four or five months. You really seem to be ascending and doing things the right way.

Nichole: Who would've known? I never thought I would be in the (public) eye like this, okay? Because I’m so shy. But yeah, no complaints, you know?

PornCrush: You're doing a great job and I know we're going to hear a lot more from you. Thanks for spending some time with us today.

Nichole: Perfect. Thank you for having me.

Austin King / Editor

Austin King spent nearly 20 years as a mainstream journalist before pivoting to coverage of the adult industry in 2020. He specializes in breaking news and in-depth features, with some of his best work to date coming for AVN Magazine in profiles of Gina Valentina, Casey Kisses, Anna-Claire Clouds, Kayden Kross, Chanel Camryn, Kenzie Anne, Lilly Bell and others. Austin resides in Texas but makes frequent trips to Porn Valley.