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The Best of Kimmy Granger

PornCrush picks the top social media posts of 2023 from entertaining adult star

By Frank Lotion / Contributor

Dec 12, 2023

Forget about the candied pecans, Lululemon high-rise pants or even that double-headed dildo you put on your Amazon wish list. We at PornCrush are here to deliver the ultimate Christmas gift.

Kimmy Granger’s best tweets of 2023.

Unless you spend your entire existence in your goon cave, you’re surely aware that no one, no one, is more entertaining on social media than Kimmy. The Queen of Cowgirl can make you bust a nut—and also a few blood vessels in your eyes from cackling so hard at her wisecracks and rants.

One of these days, it’s going to happen. Someone outside of the adult industry—someone much more esteemed than Frank Lotion—is going to discover Kimmy and give her the national stage she deserves. Could be a movie director or a famous YouTuber. Maybe she’ll be headlining at the Comedy Store or hosting the next presidential ball. But something gargantuan is coming, and we’ll all be able to say, “We knew her when …”

For now, though, Kimmy is the porn world’s little treasure.

So … enough of this simp shit.

Put down the beef stick your grandma mailed you from Delaware, shove aside the charcuterie board and tell Alexa to pause the Mariah Carey Christmas music and prepare to forward these posts to your friends back home. And then get online and tell Kimmy how much you love her.

Merry Christmas - Frank

Frank Lotion / Contributor

Frank Lotion is a veteran adult film critic who writes reviews and features for PornCrush. He lives in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, where he was recently promoted to assistant to the assistant manager at Long John Silver’s (Employee of the Week Runner-up: February 2014). Frank is a proud subscriber to 37 different Only Fans accounts and openly simps for Teagan Presley and Jesse Jane, claiming to have reviewed—twice—all 955 films in which they’ve appeared. Frank makes regular visits to Porn Valley and has never missed a two-for-one sale at Adult Video LAX, where he is a regular #Booth4 #pleaseknock