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Crushin' It: Adult Film Critic Patrick Parker selects his top scenes from April

Blake Blossom, Jewelz Blu, Jessica Ryan among those recognized

By Patrick Parker / Contributor

May 1, 2024

Things keep improving in 2024, as April turned out to be another banner month filled with show-stopping performances from veterans and newbies alike. Here are the best scenes I saw in April.

Jessica Ryan and Vince Karter for LetsDoeIt

First off, I love Jessica Ryan. I’ve known her through X (@LoveJessicaRyan) for a few years, and she has been one of the brightest and most authentic people I’ve interacted with on the platform. What’s more, she’s a fan’s pornstar. She enjoys pornography, and she’s passionate about performing porn and having sex in general. Her porn is always a pleasure, so when I heard that Jessica Ryan was doing an anal “Her Limit” scene with Vince Karter, my interest was piqued!

I love it when women experience orgasm, and Jessica Ryan was positively unhinged in this one! She came like Chanel Camryn, that is to say, practically non-stop. And here’s one of the things I like about Ms. Ryan: amid the chaos of constantly cumming, she’s still chill, laughing about each O, and having a fun time with Vince Karter. 

Karter deserves some praise, too, as he put in the work! He rocked this anal cock jiggle that jammed Ryan’s G-Spot, generating squirting orgasms in succession. From then on, Jess’ body was his orgasm laboratory. Ever attentive, he consistently switched angles and fingering techniques to maximize her pleasure, and the moment he found something that worked, he’d vary the intensity until he had just the right tempo to get her off. It was a masterclass in orgasm management, and I love seeing Jessica’s body light up throughout. 

Jewelz Blu and Sheem the Dream for Bang!

In one of the most creative openers for a hardcore gonzo film that Bang! has ever done< Jewelz showcases her talent for fire dancing! It’s spectacular—she lights these giant candelabras and swirls them about like swords! It’s akin to Chinese fan dancing, with the brilliance of each flame casting warm light upon her skin. It’s quite the show opener!

Following the fiery performance, Sheem the Dream shows up to be positively wrecked by Blu’s energy! He’s surprised and delighted by her insane blowjob, and he can be seen smiling and living his best life with Blu fucking his massive cock mercilessly. 

Jewelz’s sexual energy is outstanding. She’s clearly in the driver’s seat, dominating every position with an eye to the camera. There’s one shot that stands out: Jewelz fucking in a blended doggy-to-side-straddle position, with her arm posted up on the couch. It’s a smart move that raises her chest, putting everything into focus and adding extra jiggle to the bouncing bits. And with her head held high, we get a great look at her tremendous smile and flowing blue hair.

Maya, Sirena Milano & Charlie Dean for AngelsLove

There were so many great offerings from AngelsLove this month. Angels is quickly becoming one of my favorite studios for threesome porn, and Exploring New Sensations exemplifies why.

If sex is a baseball game, then Exploring takes its time walking the bases. Gentle kissing gives way to a hint of nudity and a whole lot of teasing before any of the serious stuff goes down. Sirena, Maya, and Dean show incredible restraint and use the full 50-minute runtime to build tension.

Here’s a great example. Once Sirena’s panties are finally off, Maya doesn’t just eat her pussy. Instead, she continues to tease, barely touching it with her fingers and tongue and gradually amping up the intensity. The anticipation is intense, and you can see the reaction on Sirena’s body.

Then, there’s the element of surprise. For example, in that same tease, there comes a point where you are begging Maya to do more. Just then, the camera pans out, and you notice she is now bottomless. You just get a moment to admire her pussy before Dean’s dick slides in from offscreen. The timing is amazing because you almost forgot about that aspect of the scene, and then they give you exactly what you want to see. 

Ada Lapiedra, Kama Oxi, and Jimmy Budd for LetsDoeIt

Artistic, minimalist, and beautiful, LetsDoeIt’s WhiteBoxxx has outdone itself with this throwback to the art porn revival of the early 2010s. Lovingly edited, Louis Moire’s Your Turn, My Turn blends class and eroticism.

Everything is so well thought out. From wardrobe choices to makeup design, it fits into that dreamy and sensual vision synonymous with WhiteBoxxx. 

I love how Moire pays homage to the cuck concept by rotating the stars, making it less of a threesome and more of a triple cuck film. It adds tremendous anticipation and eroticism, keeping the viewer guessing what’s next.

Watch for incredible oral sex, especially in Ada Lapiedra’s cunnilingus. Then there are the sweeping close-ups from the point of view of the current cuckold, which puts you right in the middle of the scene.

JoJo Austin and Parker Sims for NubileFilms

Porn newcomer JoJo Austin is adorable. Captivating eyes, blonde hair, and a fit and fiery body, she’s got it going on. She caught my eye last month as Nubiles-Porn’s Flavor of the Month, but it was NubileFilms’ Pulse Pounding Pleasure that made me a fan.

Her sexy moans and tensed abs make you feel those electric waves of pre-orgasmic bliss right through the screen. It’s nice to see her fuck Parker Sims back, too, especially in doggy. It adds so much to the scene.

Sims deserves his fair share of credit for his masterful oral sex. He showcases a variety of licking techniques ranging from deep tonguing to labia flicking, and he even practices some gentle suction. There’s also heavy tongue pressure where he pushes and flexes the whole vulva. Not only does it look incredible, but it puts JoJo out of her mind. 

I also love the choice to leave JoJo’s top on for the first third of the scene. Wearing just a white top and no bra, you get to play peek-a-boo with her breasts, picking up a hint of a nipple here and there, your heart skipping a beat each time.

Patrick’s April PornCrush: Blake Blossom

It’s no secret that I am massively fond of Blake Blossom. She blew my mind from the start with that bubbly personality, girl-next-door look, and free-wheeling sexuality. Now a nine-time AVN Award winner, Blake Blossom is at the top of her game.

I first encountered Blake with her 2020 HardX debut, “Naturally Stacked Cutie.” I was floored by her brilliant smile, and she swept me away with the joy and passion she exuded. And her porn is as overwhelmingly beautiful as it is lighthearted and fun. 

With inspired scenes from Nubiles, Slayed, LethalHardcore, and ElegantAngel, April was the month of Blake Blossom. 

She hit a grand slam alongside Octavia Red in ElegantAngel’s Titwoman vs Titwoman, featuring a jaw-dropping sex scene with Dan Damage, a sexy girl-girl with Octavia, and a hardcore threesome with porn heartthrob Zac Wild. And Blake ended the month with a thirsty fuckfest for LethalHardcore.

What a treasure Blake Blossom is.

Patrick Parker / Contributor

Patrick Parker is an adult film columnist and reviewer. He has written about pornography for over a decade and remains a fan and supporter of quality porn.