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PornCrush Year in Review: Best Ambassadors of 2023

Seth Gamble, Kira Noir, Emma Rose among the performers who represent the adult industry with sophistication, class

By Austin King / Editor

Dec 28, 2023

*Note: This is the seventh in a series of lists that will reflect on another banner year in the adult industry. Be sure to check out PornCrush each day for a new installment.

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Let’s play a game.

Imagine the adult industry had one central office, and you were in charge of marketing and public relations. Producers from Oprah, Dr. Phil, Howard Stern and Barstool Sports all want to fly a handful of porn stars to their studios and feature them on talk shows.

Who would you send?

There’s also a big billboard campaign in town to promote sexual wellness, and the advertisers want to use pictures of adult models. The local community college is seeking talent to serve on a panel about sexual consent—and Hustler is looking for dependable stars to make appearances at numerous stores across America.

For all of these opportunities … who do you pick?

Obviously, you want people who are professional, well-put-together, and good in front of crowds. You want people who have worked hard to achieve their success—and even harder to sustain it.

Basically … you’d want any of the performers on PornCrush’s list of “Best Adult Industry Ambassadors” for 2023. These people represent everything that is good about porn and the community that surrounds it. Collectively they are, at least for now, the face of porn.


The performer with more AVN awards than anyone in history continues to represent the industry with dignity, elegance and grace. She’s one of the biggest stars porn has ever seen but doesn’t act like she’s too good for anyone. And that’s one of the biggest reasons for White’s continued success. Yes, her sizzling scenes and hot body may have been the key reasons White propelled to the top. What’s kept her there, though, is how she conducted herself under the spotlight’s glare. Whether she’s signing at a convention, greeting customers at a Hustler store appearance or simply engaging with an admirer in public, White is the textbook model for how celebrities should interact with fans. She makes each one of them feel important and special. Her comfort level and ease while being interviewed has also led to some entertaining podcast segments that have further endeared White to her fans while helping her make new ones. White represents everything good about the adult industry. She’s the type of star everyone should aspire to be. White would be a great mentor for young performers if she ever chose to go that route.


If there’s anyone in the current crop of performers who could reach “Angela status” someday, it’s Blossom. I say that for two reasons. The first is that Blossom is an extremely high-level performer who genuinely seems to enjoy her work. She smiles a lot during sex and maintains great eye contact with her performer. It makes everything seem so real—like there’s a true connection—and that’s what fans want. Well, that … and big natural boobs. People like those, too, and Blossom’s are next level. Blossom is great in all genres, but some of her best work comes during POV and VR scenes, when she can engage with the viewer on a personal level. The other key trait about Blossom is that she’s incredibly smart and savvy when it comes to building her brand and maintaining a fan base. She has a great grasp on what’s important. While other performers get involved in social media drama or become consumed with posting pictures of gifts from their sugar daddies on Instagram, Blossom focuses on her work. She writes and produces immaculate scenes for her OnlyFans; she studies her scripts for studio shoots and shows up prepared; and she grants interviews to almost anyone who makes a request, no matter how big or small the media outlet. Blossom isn’t “too good” for anyone. Much like White, Blossom treats her fans like they’re the most important person in the room. She engages in genuine conversations with them at conventions and seems intent on making them walk away with a smile. Seriously, go watch her in action at the AVN convention next week and you’ll quickly understand why her line is so long. Sometimes, it’s hard to remember that Blossom is only 23. She still has her moments of immaturity, sure, but they are few and far between. Wealth, stardom, notoriety, a trophy case overflowing with awards. It’s all right there for Blossom if she wants it. She’s only scratched the surface of what she can accomplish.


She’s appeared in more than 1,700 scenes in her 12-year career, but Deville isn’t slowing down. If anything, her popularity is increasing. The two-time MILF Performer of the Year currently ranks No. 46 on PornHub’s list of most popular models, and she’s set to co-host next month’s XBIZ Awards show in Los Angeles. Deville’s longevity in an often-grueling industry can be attributed to a number of things. For starters, she absolutely loves her job and genuinely cares about the quality of her work. When Deville is on set, it’s about more than just a paycheck, and that resonates on camera. But Deville also checks every box when it comes to intangibles. She’s professional, punctual and reliable. She exudes positive energy and she takes exceptional care of body. In an industry filled with pretty women and high-level performers, it’s the little things that separate the good from the great. Deville is also incredibly articulate and well-spoken, a quality that presented itself during her appearance in “Money Shot: The PornHub story.” Deville was a shining light in a film that attempted to cast darkness on porn. She stood up for the industry on a national stage, causing her respect level among her peers to soar even higher.


Being named Trans Performer of the Year by both AVN and XBIZ elevated Rose’s platform, and she embraced the newfound spotlight with open arms. Rose granted almost every podcast and interview request that came her way in 2023, viewing the exposure as a chance to paint a positive narrative not just about trans performers, but about the industry as a whole. She proved to be a highly-entertaining guest, exuding high energy and a good sense of humor throughout all of her interviews—and rarely getting bothered by jokes and comments that could easily be deemed offensive. Rose’s sense of fashion and the effort she puts forth to maintain her stunning appearance give her that “star aura” that only the elite possess. She is a great face for the adult industry.


Maxwell, one of the top male talents in the industry, entered the industry as an intern in 2011 and became a publicist a year later. Deep down, though, he’d always wanted to shoot, and he accomplished that goal in 2013 when he became a full-time performer while also working as an agent. Ten years later, Maxwell has appeared in nearly 3,000 scenes and was named Male Performer of the Year by XBIZ in 2019. As talented as he is on camera, Maxwell is also one of the most well-liked male talents in porn. Even though he may be intimidating at first glance—6-foot tall, shredded and well-endowed—Maxwell exudes an air of warmth and kindness that makes female performers feel comfortable and safe. That was especially important in 2023, when allegations of abuse—both on set and during private collabs—seem to elevate to a higher-than-normal level. Now more than ever, female performers are vetting potential scene partners. They want someone who makes them feel not only secure, but respected. Maxwell is that guy. He has the respect of the entire industry and is a great face for porn.


Longtime attendees of AVN Awards shows tell me they’ve never heard an eruption as loud as the one Noir received in January when she was named Female Performer of the Year. The response says a lot about Noir and her place in the adult industry, where she is universally adored. Along with her kindness, what’s great about Noir is that she’s proof that putting your head down and working hard will get you a lot further than complaining on Twitter. Noir has never acted like something was owed to her. She’s never griped about not getting a certain role or shoot—or even an award. Noir simply maintained a good spirit, surged forward with that trademark smile and chipped away until she accomplished her goals. That’s what made her Performer of the Year victory so satisfying—and so moving that her agent, Mark Spiegler, actually teared up. Anyone who has followed Noir’s career would scoff at the notion that she was bestowed the honor because she is Black. Noir was awarded that trophy because she deserved it, because she earned it by doing the same things so many before her had accomplished. Her response to being nominated for the same award this year perfectly illustrates why she’s such a strong ambassador for the adult industry. “I hope this doesn’t sound bad,” Noir told PornCrush. “But I’ve got so many friends that are also up for Performer of the Year this year. I’m almost rooting for them a little bit more than myself. I want others to experience the feeling I experienced when I won.”


Gotti returned to industry late in 2022 after an extended absence and is only shooting girl-girl content. Even though her scenes were limited in 2023, Gotti made her presence felt in the spring when she offered to be a voice for female performers who wanted to remain anonymous while alerting the community about abusive male talent. For nearly a week, Gotti’s Twitter feed was filled with allegations against talent and studios. Even though things got a bit reckless—several posts were removed after further vetting—Gotti’s intent was admirable. And her passion for the well-being of performers was sincere, as evidenced by several tearful interviews she conducted that week on various podcasts. Herself an abuse victim, Gotti proved to be the ideal spokesperson for victimized performers during a time when many were hurting. She’s got a bold voice, a fearless spirit, a huge platform—and an even bigger heart.


Let’s face it. There’s a lot of pettiness in this industry, a lot of rumor spreading, a lot of performers who talk trash on one another. But you’ll never hear anyone say a bad word about Lilly Bell. From her sensual performances on camera to the way she handles herself—and her career—off of it, Bell is a true pro. First-year performers seeking an example of someone who does things right need to look no further than the dainty little blonde with the bold, booming voice. Bell is confident but not cocky, opinionated but not outspoken, flexible and easy to work with—but far from a pushover. Director Jacky St. James says the Portland native is “a wise old soul” and “a Godsend to the industry.” Bell is nominated for Female Performer of the Year by AVN for the second straight year. “The most successful people,” St. James tells PornCrush, “are always the business-minded ones, the people who recognize that it’s a business of many moving parts, and not just the actors, but the crew and even the people doing set decoration or post-production. You see that with Lilly. Some people are always on their phones or in their own world on set. But she’s always making connections with everyone, including the crew. She’s in the moment. She’s there. She’s not a million miles away.”


Gamble works so hard that it’s tough to keep track of all of his endeavors. He writes, he produces, he directs and he performs at a high level. One year after being named by Male Performer of the Year by AVN and XBIZ, Gamble enters awards season with more than 150 new scenes on his resume, making him a strong candidate to repeat. Even more impressive is that Gamble’s shoot tally came during a year when much of his time was devoted to LucidFlix, the production studio he launched to rave reviews earlier this month. Along with his work ethic, the most commendable thing about Gamble is the way he operates. He’s low drama. He doesn’t trash other performers or studios. He’s not much for gossip and he’s not a complainer. Instead, Gamble simply puts his head down, blocks out distractions, focuses on things he can control, and grinds away. If Gamble were an athlete he’d be the most-respected player on his team, the example-setter whose coach would want everyone to emulate. As it stands, Gamble is making his mark in the adult industry, creating a model for everyone to follow.


Like Deville, Dahl was featured prominently in the PornHub documentary and proved to be a strong advocate for the adult community. She came across in the movie exactly how she is in real life: confident, sophisticated, knowledgeable, well-spoken, charming—and most of all, strong in her convictions. “If the attack on porn continues the path that it’s currently on, it’s not just an attack on porn,” Dahl says in the documentary. “It’s an attack on women’s sexual sexuality, It’s an attack on queer sexuality. It’s an attack on people being able to express themselves openly, especially online.” If the war on the adult industry continues, the industry needs people like Dahl on the front line.

Austin King / Editor

Austin King spent nearly 20 years as a mainstream journalist before pivoting to coverage of the adult industry in 2020. He specializes in breaking news and in-depth features, with some of his best work to date coming for AVN Magazine in profiles of Gina Valentina, Casey Kisses, Anna-Claire Clouds, Kayden Kross, Chanel Camryn, Kenzie Anne, Lilly Bell and others. Austin resides in Texas but makes frequent trips to Porn Valley.