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Ready to Bust: Cami Strella

Buxom brunette with established brand dishes on life as a cult member, getting exposed during grad school, Adriana Chechik—and rimming—during wide-ranging interview

By Austin King / Editor

Apr 8, 2024

Cami Strella’s journey into studio porn can be traced back to a used cum rag. Or, actually, several of them.

In October 2021, the surging star began selling the keepsakes to her TikTok followers for $150 a pop. A problem arose, however, when her classmates discovered her social media clips in graduate school, where she was working toward a master’s degree in occupational therapy.

With her private life now exposed, Strella’s academic advisor suggested that she withdraw from school.

“I was no longer welcome,” Strella said.

Distressing as it may have been, Strella used the situation as fuel. She was already bringing in a six-figure income via OnlyFans, and with school no longer a distraction, Strella began approaching adult work with more vigor than ever before. Nearly three years later, Strella is now an established brand, with hundreds of thousands of followers on all of her platforms.

And those numbers will only continue to climb now that Strella has transitioned into studio porn. The buxom brunette shot a handful of scenes during the second half of 2023 and is now determined to increase her workload under the guidance of Hussie Models and agent Alex Mack.

“I feel like I'm literally in a Hollywood movie,” Strella says. “I feel like the star that I always wanted to be.”

A member of the “Ready to Bust” Class of 2024, Strella recently discussed her upbringing, her time in a cult, her foray into adult work, her sexual likes and dislikes, and plenty of other topics during a wide-ranging interview with PornCrush.

PornCrush: Cami, thanks for joining us. Tell us a little bit about your background. What was your life like before entering the adult industry?

Cami: First of all, thank you so much for having me. I'm so excited to talk to you and so excited to be here. Yeah, I've kind of lived all over the place. I primarily grew up in the southeast. I was born and raised in Virginia and grew up a little bit in Georgia, just outside of Atlanta. So I am like a southeast Southern girl at heart as much as I hate to admit it. I do have very specific traditional values, like when the guy walks on the sidewalk side or opens the car door for me, but that's probably the only traditional things that I have about myself. But yeah, I am a first generation American, the daughter of two wonderful parents from Peru. I’m actually Peruvian and Scottish. My grandfather was a Scottish man. That's why my hair is kind of reddish sometimes, with a weird reddish tint to it. But I am primarily Latina.

PornCrush: There's nothing wrong with being a Southerner, Cami! I’m actually one myself.

Cami: I had a great upbringing in the South, running around barefoot, playing with bugs in the dirt. I loved it. I went to college originally in Northern Virginia and that’s kind of where things went toward left field. So bear with me for a moment as I tell the story. The summer before my final year of college, when I was an undergrad, I joined a cult.

PornCrush: Right, I'd heard about this! Tell me more.

Cami: I joined a multi-level marketing company that turned out to be very religious. And people say, oh, that's not a cult. It's just a multi-level marketing scheme. Some people call them pyramid schemes. But I was involved specifically with a training group that was very conservative, very religious. They had me become a born-again virgin. They discovered I watched porn once and they had me go to what I call “slut conversion therapy.” Very weird.

I basically dropped out of school and moved across the country to Seattle for it. I had this yearlong, weird “eat, pray, love journey” where I was part of this organization. I was trying to recruit people. It was somewhat akin to a Mary Kay or Avon kind of thing. We sold a lot of different products, but ultimately, it was a very weird experience. They thought yoga, for instance, was something the devil made up. I didn’t know about this when I joined and neither did the person that got me involved. I lasted in Seattle for a year. But I learned so much about business. They had you read a lot of books; business books, nonfiction books.

I listened to different audio tapes every day, audio books. It was weird to say, but (the cult) actually kinda focused my brain on a business mindset. Everything I know about finances, about how to run a business, I learned from being in a cult.

So it's because of them that I'm now able to be successful as an independent creator, an entrepreneur, and be able to run my business successfully. So yeah, I lasted in Seattle for a year and then I kind of got “over it” and moved back to the East Coast.

PornCrush: It sounds like a psychological cult more than anything, a mind control kind of thing.

Cami: Yes, and their whole thing was to put you around wealthy people, or at least the perception of wealth. These people had private jets. really nice cars and boats. Generally, decent life advice is to take advice. And they all said to only take advice from people with fruit on the tree. Which generally makes sense. It's the same thing in the adult industry. You ask people who are already successful for advice, not people that are brand new. It’s the same thing in life. You want to ask someone for advice who you want to emulate, right? Someone who has what you already want. But definitely more on the psychological end of things, because it wasn't like a commune. I didn't live anywhere that was a community-based thing. It was very much psychological, for sure.

PornCrush: For someone who had been somewhat promiscuous in her life leading up to that point, I’d assume the restrictions surrounding sex and sexual content were tough to accept.

Cami: Yeah, I think that was like my greatest sin. It was super weird. I didn't grow up religious. So it was just really like, “I’m 23, and I guess I’m religious now.” My whole goal was to be retired by 25. And I'm thinking, “Well, I see all these rich, successful people and they're religious. So maybe this is just the path.” I don't know. I was young, dumb and full of cum, you know, And I just wanted to win. I just wanted to win so badly in life. And I just thought I would do whatever it took to just win at life.

So I moved back to the East Coast and finished school. I finished up my undergrad degree and then pursued my graduate degree in occupational therapy with a specialty in neurology or, like, neurological rehabilitation. Because of all the sexual repression I endured for the year or two prior, I really wanted to make a big deal on addressing sexuality in the medical field. That was my original goal. I also wanted to work with military veterans. So few medical providers know how to talk about sex. They're always so embarrassed. They don’t know how to answer certain questions. For instance, if you have a hip replacement or a knee replacement, or you are going through chemotherapy, no doctor wants to talk to you about safe positioning to have sex. But sex is an activity of daily life, of daily living. We call them ADLs in the occupational therapy world. It's a function of life, you know, and everyone deserves to have a healthy relationship with sexuality, whether you have a disability or not.

So I first did that for a little bit. And then eventually, while I was in grad school, after my first round of clinical rotations, my cohort found out I was doing porn to pay for school. I had already gotten to the point where I was very successful with OnlyFans. I gained a lot of my notoriety through TikTok and I ended up becoming verified on TikTok. And at that point I already had like 50,000-60,000 paying fans, which is crazy. It blew up very quickly.

PornCrush: Yes, and along those lines, I read a story about you in the Washington Post that details how you were outed by a classmate, which led to you withdrawing from school. Can you explain what happened there?

Cami: Yeah, I was outed via TikTok. At that time, I didn't quite understand how certain social media apps work. And I was living and going to school in a very small town. So (the content) was pumping to the local region around me. I didn't know anything about VPNs or whatever. So it was pumping out to my classmates. The TikTok that went viral was actually about me selling my partner's used cum rags to my fans for $150 a pop. I don’t do it anymore, but I guess if anyone wants one … it’s just a gross washcloth in your bathroom, and then you wipe up the cum afterward. I would sell them. That clip went viral and that’s how people found out.

PornCrush: It's interesting to me because you were doing very well for yourself financially through OnlyFans and stuff like that. Yet you were still in school. You must have really had a passion for what you were doing.

Cami: I did. I didn't expect to go into sex work full time. I never really thought of it that way. I've done every aspect of sex work. I cammed for a little bit during the beginning of the pandemic, but I got my start in a strip club as a cocktail waitress and then that evolved into being a stripper and then now I do porn.

PornCrush: So were you mainly doing those things to kind of pay the bills, or was it a passion?

Cami: Yes, it was 100 percent for survival. I started off as a survival sex worker stripper. I literally couldn't buy food or groceries for myself. I was in North Carolina. I was literally living in a really gross part of downtown Raleigh, like jail bars on the windows of a really gross apartment; lots of crime in that area, for some reason. I would work a day shift because day shift girls would get lunch for free, and the club was attached to a steakhouse. So I'd get salmon and mashed potatoes and green beans every single day. So at least I was able to feed myself. And eventually I had a couple of good nights and then a couple of good nights turned into a couple of good weeks and then it kind of evolved from there and then the whole world shut down during COVID.

As far as school, I can’t say they kicked me out, but they made it so uncomfortable for me to be there. My class was very small. It was like 25 people, mostly girls and all of them were a lot younger, like fresh out of undergrad, around 22 years old. I was 25 or 26 at the time. I had some years under my belt and they were still living with their parents. I was paying my own bills and not relying on my parents for anything, because I was an adult.

So it was a blessing in disguise because ultimately I realized I can make a much larger difference in the world through sex work, because I like to do a lot of things with different types of philanthropies around mental health and all that. So I realized I can make a much bigger impact having a platform and making more money, because it does take money to make a difference, honestly.

I can make a much bigger difference now than I would as a clinician working one-on-one with patients because you can see maybe a maximum of like seven, maybe eight patients a day if you really push yourself. And I was already starting to see the ugly side of the medical industry. I hate the American healthcare system and how it works. It's very fucking depressing, to be honest. A lot of people need the care and the insurance companies just won't provide it.

PornCrush: Even before you transitioned into mainstream porn, you had amassed such a big following on social media. Can you give us some statistics for your main platforms?

Cami: Oh gosh, I think I have like 400,000 on Twitter, 320,000 on Instagram. TikTok, I have like 620,000. I'm verified on TikTok. And then people found out I was on Pornhub and that pushed a lot of traffic to Pornhub. Some of my most-viewed clips on Pornhub are like 30-second clips, because that's all I used to have at the time. I think I have over 150,000 fans on OnlyFans. It's pretty crazy, I'm not gonna lie.

PornCrush: To achieve those numbers without, for the most part, even shooting mainstream porn … that’s pretty damn impressive. What was the key to really growing your brand and your following?

Cami: Honestly, just living my life and just documenting things I like to do and things that I thought were funny. And then bouncing ideas off people around me and creating a network of people that also think the same way. A big catalyst for me honestly was AVN, the one in 2023.

That was my first AVN. I met a lot of really cool people and that's when I had the most successful, highest earning months in my career thus far. And I think it's because I just got around to so many like-minded people. And it was there at AVN that I decided that I wanted to move to LA and start to pursue or begin pursuing shooting mainstream studio porn. Because I already feel like I've hit the top of the independent side. It's like, what's next? I constantly need to be challenged. I constantly need to be doing something new or learning something different or becoming a master at something. So I don't know if I'll ever become a master within mainstream, but I can sure as hell try.

PornCrush: You must have really felt driven to do that because, a lot of times, when people experience the level of financial success you were having, they get real complacent and content.

Cami: Yeah, and social media bogs you down, honestly. It's so fucking annoying to post something every single day. It is so monotonous. But I did it. It’s very much like having a 9-to-5 job, which I used to have in the corporate world. So I was very used to that. You have to discipline yourself and live your life as if you still do have that 9 to 5. It's like, yeah, I can wake up whenever I want, but my days are still structured like I still have that 9 to 5.

PornCrush: How do you like shooting studio scenes compared to self-produced content?

Cami: It's so different. Being on set has influenced so much of how I conduct non-studio scenes now because I so appreciate the professionalism. I just like having a whole crew on set. I like how I'm treated. I feel like I'm literally in a Hollywood movie. I feel like the star that I always wanted to be. The attention is on you. It's fun having a talent liaison, or a PA, that focuses on making sure I'm taken care of. They’re making sure I have wipes, or if I need water, they get me a straw so I don't mess up my lipstick. It's such a cool feeling. And everyone truly cares about the product. As a creator I’ve always spent so much time and energy learning camera work.

It is so nice to be around others who appreciate that, because some people still just film on their iPhone, and that's cool, too. I shoot Pro-Am content for my sites, so it’s cool to understand the lighting setups and analyze a set from a different lens. Because I'm taking note of different lighting styles that they're using, the cameras that they're using, the different angles they're filming. The cinematography of pro porn is so much fun for me.

PornCrush: A lot of girls get into the business mainly because of the money and don’t really enjoy the sex. Or at the very least, they’re indifferent to it. What about you?

Cami: It ebbs and flows, I'll be honest. It ebbs and flows. I don't know if it's hormonal or what, but it definitely ebbs and flows. I'm very much a demisexual, sapiosexual. That basically means that it's almost like a requirement for me to have an emotional connection with someone, and I really value intelligence in a person, or someone who has some sort of depth. I think everyone's a little bit sapio-demisexual to some extent, right?

But being on set sometimes, or even during a collab, you might not know the person. You just show up and everything feels kinda cold. So learning how to navigate that has been the biggest curve for me, just building that rapport and chemistry before the scene ever starts. And learning how to build that chemistry during the scene.

Learning your body and making yourself cum during a scene is the greatest thing. I never fake orgasms. I also cum really easily, so maybe that's just easy for me. Not everyone's built that way. But yeah, I would not say I'm a hypersexual person, but I value deep sexual encounters and deep sexuality, if that makes sense.

PornCrush: You obviously get a lot of attention for being big-chested. I was actually surprised to learn that you have enhancements. I thought they were natural.

Cami: I got these last July. No one knows that I got a boob job. I’m like, “I’m just eating my Wheaties!” But I also don't care. I’m not trying to hide it, I just got them a little bigger. So they're not that much different than before, to be honest. I just wanted a little different shape, but I've had producers cast me as an all natural. I’m like, “Okay, sure!”

PornCrush: You recently signed with Hussie Models and will be represented by Alex Mack. What excites you the most about your new agency?

Cami: I'm very excited to be with Alex Mack. I spent a lot of time traveling last year. So this year is really dedicated to studio work and doing as much as I can, challenging myself with studio work on mainstream sets. And I've known Alex for a little bit, so I trust him and he's awesome. And everyone else on his roster has amazing things to say about him. I know he'll get me the kind of scenes that I want, because I very much want to shoot a lot of trans scenes. I'm excited to be on a lot of trans company sets. But yeah, I'm very excited. I feel like this is going to be a really big year for me.

PornCrush: Are you someone that wants to work a ton, as in two or three times a week? Or do you want to space it out?

Cami: God no, I can't do that. Because I think that's where you could burn out so easily. I also have other things going on with other businesses. I told Alex I want to shoot two to four scenes a month, or, like, three scenes a month. I think that is doable, like one scene a week. So I’d have one scene a week and then one collab a week. And then I'll do a YouTube video or something or something that's safe for work. Because I have to keep this machine that is Cami running, right? And a lot of it is a safe for work content, believe it or not.

I already have a huge audience. So many people are like, “When are you gonna film next? When are you on set next? I wanna see your next scene.” So many people wanna see all the scenes that I'm in, so I bring a lot of traffic to companies, too. It’s a win-win situation for me.

PornCrush: Speaking of collabs, you recently shot a big one with one of the industry’s all-time great performers, Adriana Chechik. Tells us about that scene and how it all came together.

Cami: Yeah, I've been here for about three years now, which is crazy. I shot a scene with her about three years ago, I guess. Just a small girl-girl scene in the middle of Tennessee, which is so random. She was really involved in the Twitch community and I did Twitch for a little bit. It wasn't for me, but I would just see her in passing at things here and there. And we've always gotten along really well, honestly. She's a great human being, she has a heart of gold and, Jesus Christ, that woman can perform. They just don't make them like that anymore. They really don't. One of my partners and I—I’m polyamorous, by the way—got to film with her yesterday. It was so much fun. I didn't know what to expect (from her) post-injury.  With my medical background, I wanted to know what her limitations and safety precautions were to make sure her spine was protected at all times.  But she just went for it. I was like “Oh my God, she's back! Like, she's really back!” She turned us out. I was sore the next morning. My whole body, I felt like I got ran over by a truck or something. It was an amazing scene. We had it professionally filmed and everything. It’s coming out in a month or so.


PornCrush: What’s your biggest turn-on in a guy?

Cami: When he's well-traveled, when he's been outside of at least his state. I'm always like, “Have you traveled? Do you like to travel?” An ambition to see the world is so, so attractive to me.

PornCrush: What about a turn off? Something a guy can do that'll make you walk away pretty quickly?

Cami: When he doesn't go down on me. A lot of guys don't go down on girls. I'm just like, “hello? Like, finger me something, please!”

PornCrush: Does it matter when they do it? Like, is it better for you to go down on him first? Vice versa? Before sex? After sex?

Cami: Not as much. It just needs to be incorporated throughout, somehow. Finger me or go down to me at any point during sex and I'm super happy. But I do like to cum first, and I cum in like two seconds. So it's really easy. If I don't come within, like, three minutes, you did something wrong.

PornCrush: What’s your favorite sexual position?

Cami: I like prone bone, like doggy when you're like kinda straight legged. It's a super-lazy position. Not a good camera position at all. Or like when you're in doggy and he kinda props you up against his chest.

PornCrush: What's something you can’t live without on set? Something you always carry with you in your bag?

Cami: LUMIFY eye drops. They're so good. They're over the counter. They work amazing. I carry them in bulk. I constantly get cum in my eye. So, you know …

PornCrush: Do you have a porn crush? Someone you want to work with or someone that you just love working with?

Cami: I have this toxic relationship with military guys. I’m trying to get away from it. But there's this guy named Parker Ambrose who is so fine. I don't think he shoots collabs, just pro porn. Have you heard of him? I think he was in the Air Force. But he is so fine. His jaw is chiseled to high heaven.

As far as girls, I just shot with Savvy Suxx today and she was amazing. She's so pretty. She has the most insane, beautiful eyes. And such a golden retriever personality. I love her.

PornCrush: It sounds as if you’re really into women.

Cami: I’m very queer, extremely queer. I was always hesitant to talk about it. I totally consider myself pansexual. I'm not sure what the right terminology is anymore, to be honest. I don't know how to keep up. I'm trying my best, so please correct me if I'm wrong. I'm into anyone and everyone. But I primarily lean towards women.

PornCrush: Is there something you've discovered about yourself sexually that you didn't know that you liked before you got into the industry? A kink or a fetish?

Cami: Rimming. I had never rimmed a man before in my life. And then I started doing porn, and now I'm like, “How do people not rim?” Like, you’ve got to be the right kind of man. Because if you're a man and you like being rimmed, usually you have impeccable hygiene. Like, you are washing that sucker inside and out, which is attractive to me. We love good hygiene. I get into it. I’m not doing it as a favor. It's not for anyone's pleasure but my own.

PornCrush: What type of food do you crave immediately after a scene? What’s your go-to?

Cami: Oh God, pizza. It's so bad. I'm gluten intolerant, but if it's been a really crazy scene, I will eat disgusting Domino's pizza. Urgh! Chain pizza. Papa John's stuffed crust pizza is my favorite. So bad. So bad. Urgh, don't do it.

PornCrush: Okay. When you shut down the Cami Strella “machine” for a few days, what do you like to do in your free time?

Cami: I like to get in a new setting, a new environment. Even if it's just going to Vegas. I went last month. I needed a couple of days away and I went to Vegas for the spa. Or I'll go to the desert. I'll go to Palm Springs. I love Palm Springs. I like to get away for a couple of days and change my scenery. That's how I reset. I need a full 24 to 48 hours of a change of scenery and then I'm good.

I love traveling solo, to be honest. It's really fun. I like to meet new people. That's so invigorating to me, meeting new people just out and about. Vegas is an easy place to do that because there's all kinds of people traveling around and a lot of people with different interesting backgrounds.

PornCrush: Well, you’re definitely meeting plenty of people in the porn industry. I hear your name mentioned all the time, specifically about your good vibes and energy.

Cami: I just want everyone to win. That's like my biggest thing. I just want everyone to win and not make the mistakes that I did coming up. I've been in this industry for six or seven years now, and it does not have to take that long to reach this level. So I just want everyone else to win faster.

Photos used in this story courtesy of Dean Capture and Lev Lieben.

Austin King / Editor

Austin King spent nearly 20 years as a mainstream journalist before pivoting to coverage of the adult industry in 2020. He specializes in breaking news and in-depth features, with some of his best work to date coming for AVN Magazine in profiles of Gina Valentina, Casey Kisses, Anna-Claire Clouds, Kayden Kross, Chanel Camryn, Kenzie Anne, Lilly Bell and others. Austin resides in Texas but makes frequent trips to Porn Valley.