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Latest "Lilly Bell" Articles

  • Strike a Pose: The 15 hottest red carpet photos of awards season

    Feb 1, 2024

    By Frank Lotion / Contributor

    Austin King needs to boost my salary—especially if he keeps giving me tough assignments such as this. Last night, the boss man called and told me to select the (roughly) 15 hottest photos from PornCrush's XBIZ and AVN red carpet galleries. It may sound like a fun job, but, trust me, it was a taxing…

  • Expert Advice: Veterans Alex Coal and Lilly Bell offer tips for interacting with fans, staying upbeat during during AVN and X3 conventions

    Jan 19, 2024

    By Austin King / Editor

    When you’re at a porn convention and notice a long line of fans waiting to talk to an adult model, it’s safe to assume two things. She’s a dynamic on-screen performer. She’s really good with her fans. Lilly Bell and Alex Coal certainly fit both descriptions. Along with turning out hundreds of…

  • PornCrush Year in Review: Best Ambassadors of 2023

    Dec 28, 2023

    By Austin King / Editor

    *Note: This is the seventh in a series of lists that will reflect on another banner year in the adult industry. Be sure to check out PornCrush each day for a new installment. Dec. 18: Best Comeback Performers Dec. 19: Best New Faces Dec. 20: Unsung Starlets Dec. 21: Breakthrough Performers Dec.…

  • Reason to Party: Lilly Bell, Vanna Bardot emerge from XBIZ red carpet bash with 11 awards nominations each

    Nov 17, 2023

    By Austin King / Editor

    HOLLYWOOD—There were moments in 2023 when Lilly Bell felt like she was spending more time in doctor’s offices and hospitals than on porn sets. The seductive blonde underwent an unexpected medical procedure during the spring and another over the summer. And then, like so many other performers, Bell…

  • Social Club: Best pics of the week 6/2/23

    Jun 2, 2023

    By Frank Lotion / Contributor

    The era of the “participation trophy” has invaded PornCrush. Or, more specifically, this column. That’s not to say I’m going to recognize every performer who posted a pic that caught my eye during the past week. But I’m certainly not going to limit it to 10, either. Seriously, what’s gotten into…

  • The next Chloe Cherry? Adult performers who would thrive in Hollywood

    Apr 12, 2023

    By Frank Lotion / Contributor

    Chloe Cherry brought some much-needed mainstream attention to the adult industry in 2022 by landing a recurring role HBO’s buzzed-about drama “Euphoria.” As her popularity soared, Cherry capitalized by launching a lucrative career in runway modeling and has since landed parts in two additional…

  • Lilly Bell on signing with Spiegler: "It was a no-brainer"

    Mar 9, 2023

    By Austin King / Editor

    The call to Lilly Bell came from an unknown number, but when the man on the line identified himself as “George,” the adult star was certain she knew who it was. “I thought it was a guy delivering my Postmates order,” Bell says. Instead George Jiries presented Bell with something much more…